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Surname Colla - Meaning and Origin

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Colla: What does the surname Colla mean?

The surname Colla is of Italian origin and it has multiple potential meanings depending on its regional and historical context. In some instances, Colla could be a patronymic surname derived from the personal name "Nicola" or "Colla," itself a diminutive version of the name Nicholas. Nicholas originates from the Greek name 'Nikolaos', which means 'victory of the people.' Therefore, Colla could possibly mean 'son of the people's victory.'

On the other hand, Colla could also be a habitational surname from any various places named with the word "colla", which means 'hill or mount' in Italian. Accordingly, the surname might have been given to someone living at or near a hill or mount.

Despite these varied interpretations, it's important to note that the true meaning of any surname could be unique to a particular family based on their geographic or historical circumstances. In essence, tracing the exact origin and meaning requires a comprehensive research specific to the individual's family history and lineage.

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Colla: Where does the name Colla come from?

The surname Colla originates from Italy. It is derived from the Latin word "collis", translating to "hill", and was likely used as a geographical marker for individuals living near or on a hill. The surname is historically associated with the northern regions of Italy. The use of last names becoming necessary as governments introduced personal taxation, often known as Poll Tax.

Today, the surname is still relatively common in Italy, particularly in the northern Lombardy region. It’s worth noting that like many Italian surnames, Colla is also found in regions where Italian diaspora have settled, including parts of the United States, Argentina, and various European countries. Italian immigrants often carried their local surnames abroad, contributing to its distribution globally. However, despite this dispersion, the highest concentration of individuals with the Colla surname remains in Italy.

Variations of the surname Colla

The surname Colla is of Irish origin and has several variations. Some popular variants and spellings include Coile, Colle, O’Colla, McColla, MacColla, Nicolla, Collacott, Collao, Collia, Collier, and Colla-Russo. It's worth noting that the different spellings and variants could be due to English translations or regional dialects across Ireland and other countries. Many of these names have the same origin or are closely related.

The MacColla and McColla versions of the name can be traced back to Gaelic Mac Colla, which means 'son of Colla'. The names O’Colla and Nicolla also refer to descendants of Colla in the matrilineal and patrilineal lines respectively. It's possible that many other English surnames that contain the sequence "coll," such as 'Nicholson', are related to this surname as well, but this might not always be the case.

As well as these, the Italian surname Colla is common, particularly in northern Italy, and has similar variants including Collaro, Collini, and Colle. Furthermore, the surname has been integrated into compound surnames such as Colla-Russo, Collada, Collado and others.

Famous people with the name Colla

  • Carlo Andrea Colla: An Italian composer known for his works in the early 19th century.
  • Richard Colla: An American film and television actor and director known for his work in series like "Battlestar Galactica" and "The Virginian".
  • Tony Colla: A well-known photographer who captured iconic images during the 1960's and 1970's.
  • Philippe Colla: Renowned wildlife and underwater photographer, filmmaker and environmentalist.
  • Egidio Colla: An Italian footballer known for his skills as a forward during the late 1940s to early 1960s.
  • Joe Colla: Famous American DJ in the San Francisco area in the late 70s to early 80s. Known for his broadcasting alias 'Captain Mikey.'
  • Heidy Vanessa Colla: Renowned Bolivian film and PLAYS actress, producer & makeup artist. Most famous for her work in TV series Desde el más allá (2014).
  • Frank Colla: Proficient British lawn bowls champion and England international.
  • Angela Colla: Noteworthy Venezuelan actress, notably known for her role in the TV series "Cosita Rica."
  • Francesco Colla: A well-recognized Italian chess Grandmaster.
  • Paula Colla: A respected Argentinian actress and theater director, famous for films like “Those Who Love, Hate” (2017).

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