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Surname Collard - Meaning and Origin

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Collard: What does the surname Collard mean?

The surname Collard has both English and French origins. In the English context, Collard is derived from the name Nicholas, which means "victory of the people". This surname came into circulation as an Anglicized form of the diminutive French term 'Colin'. In Old French, the name evolved from 'Col' or 'Coll', a short form of Nicholas, to Collard with the addition of the nickname suffix '-ard'.

In the French context, especially in Northern France and Belgium, Collard is an occupational surname for a grower or seller of cabbages. It came from the Old French word 'col', which meant ‘cabbage’, combined with the occupational suffix '-ard'. Thus, in this context, a bearer of the surname Collard may have been someone associated with the cultivation or selling of cabbages.

Despite the different meanings in diverse cultures, the common thread in the origins of the surname 'Collard' can be traced to the practice of adopting names based on occupation, location, or popular personal names during medieval times.

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Collard: Where does the name Collard come from?

The surname Collard is of French origin. It's derived from the Old French term 'colart' or ‘collard’, meaning a person with a large or noticeable neck. It was likely used as a nickname that eventually turned into a surname. Collard would have referred to an individual who had certain special characteristics, such as a stout or strong neck.

There may also be an English derivation from the medieval term 'colward' or 'collard,' which meant a swindler or trickster. This was again originally a nickname which later became a surname.

Today, the last name Collard is found in many countries around the world due to migration. However, it is more commonly found in France, Belgium, Canada, and the United Kingdom, as well as in the United States. Despite its dispersion, it remains relatively unusual as a surname. Historically, names like Collard can denote a link to certain geographical areas or professions, but today, they mostly serve as a link to one's ancestry.

Variations of the surname Collard

The surname Collard is of English and French origin. There are various spellings and surnames that are believed to be derived from the same origins or closely related roots.

Some of these variants and alternate spellings include Collarde, Collart, Colard, Collarts, Collardey, Collartt, Collar, Coller, and Collier. Some have also suggested the French surnames Coulard and Coullard as potential variations.

In some cases, surnames were often anglicized after immigration to English-speaking countries so Collard could also be a variant of many French or even German surnames.

The name is believed to have first been used as a surname in England during the Middle Ages, and it was often originally a given name derived from the Old French personal names 'Coulard' or 'Colart'. The name's meaning is associated with someone who is dark, secretive, or someone with dark features.

Please note that surname origins and variants can be complex and intertwined, the result of regional differences, migration, and changes in language over time, so this is not an exhaustive or definitive list. Further genealogical research can provide more variants and information on the surname Collard.

Famous people with the name Collard

  • Hannah Collard, professional dancer and choreographer.
  • John Collard, Architect and professor
  • Brian Collard, CEO of Refrigerated Transportation Solutions
  • Abel Collard, Member of Montserrat Parliament
  • Damon Collard, actor best known for his role in the classic movie “The Seven Year Itch”
  • Emily Collard, English singer-songwriter
  • Jackson Collard, Musician based in Nashville
  • Chris Collard, Editor and Digital Producer
  • Tom Collard, former American professional football player
  • Sarah Collard, painter and philanthropist

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