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Surname Collamore - Meaning and Origin

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Collamore: What does the surname Collamore mean?

The surname Collamore has an unclear origin, but it is thought to possibly derive from several sources. One possibility is that it originates from the place name Collemore in Devon, England. Another suggestion is that it could be a variant of the surname Colmore, which is locational and originates from the Old English "coll", meaning cool, and "mor", meaning moor, thus indicating a dweller by the cool moor. Alternatively, it could derive from the Old Irish surname O'Colmain, which is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic O'Colmain, meaning descendant of Colman. It might also be related to the surname Collymore, which comes from the Gaelic MacColuim, meaning son of Colm, or to the place name Collemore Farm in Essex, England. As with many surnames, the exact origin and meaning of Collamore is not definitively established and can only be speculated upon based on historical and linguistic evidence.

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Collamore: Where does the name Collamore come from?

The surname Collamore is of English origin, derived from an Anglicized form of the Celtic name Colm, which means "dove." It is a habitational name from places named with this word, like Collamoor Head in Devon, England. This suggests that the initial bearers of the last name likely inhabited or were associated with such locations.

Some sources also suggest that the modern surname, in various spelling forms including Collimore, Collmore, Collamore, and others, has evolved from the medieval word or nickname 'Cullimor' meaning 'great backside'. This likely would have been used to refer to someone who was heavily built or fat.

As for its prevalence today, the last name is relatively uncommon but can be found most frequently in the United States, specifically the northeastern region, according to data from census records and telephone directories. Its relative scarcity indicates it has remained fairly distinctively associated with a limited number of individuals, rather than spreading widely through families or regions. It can also be found, though less frequently, in England where it originated.

Variations of the surname Collamore

The surname Collamore is fairly unique but it still has several variants and spellings like Collimore, Collomer, Collmore, Collamur, Callamore and Kollamore.

In terms of possible origins, it could be a modified form of "Colemore", a locational surname from a place so named in Hampshire, England. The components of the name are the Old English personal name 'Cola', plus 'mor', which means marsh or fen, together denoting "Cola's marsh".

Another possible origin is that it could be of Irish descent, specifically from the Gaelic surname "O Colmain" or "Mac Colmain", with "Colmain" being a derivative of the personal name "Colman". Over the centuries, surnames of Irish and English origins have often been anglicized and modified, leading to a variety of spellings of the same original surname. Due to this, there could be other variants of the surname Collamore that are not immediately identifiable as being related.

As with any surname, tracing its specific origin and all possible variants can be complex due to the influence of regional linguistic differences, immigration, and historical changes. Therefore, genealogical and historical research may reveal additional variants and origins of the surname Collamore.

Famous people with the name Collamore

  • Geoffrey Collamore: An American poli-sciences professor, specializing in comparative politics, political economy, and systems of government.
  • George Collamore: Mayor of Lawrence, Kansas during the American Civil War. He is known for his role in defending Lawrence from Quantrill's Raiders' attack.
  • Lincoln A. Collamore: A Union Civil War sailor, who was awarded the prestigious Medal of Honor for his bravery.
  • Eben Plympton Collamore: A U.S Navy Rear Admiral, serving between mid-1800s to early 1900s. Note: The Collamore surname is not highly common among famous figures; thus, the list above consists both of past historical figures and those who have achieved recognition in academic circles.

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