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Surname Cork - Meaning and Origin

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Cork: What does the surname Cork mean?

The last name Cork is of Old French origin. It is believed to have originated as an occupational surname, referring to people who made corks for barrels or containers. In French, the word "cork" translates to "bouchon," which also means cork. The name likely refers to someone who made corks for barrels or containers of wine or other alcoholic beverages. In some countries, the name can also refer to people who hail from Cork in Ireland, which is the second largest city in the country. It's a port city located in the southwest of Ireland and is known for its colorful harbor, streets, and culture.

The surname Cork is still relatively common in parts of Great Britain and Ireland. There are also people throughout the world with the name Cork, including the United States. It is likely that immigrants to these areas adopted the name from their home countries.

The name Cork is often found in records dating back to the 12th century in France and the 14th century in Ireland. Many of these records show that individuals and families with the name Cork had connections to the wine industry and wine culture. It is also possible that those with the name Cork may have other connections to France or the port city of Cork, depending on their background.

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Cork: Where does the name Cork come from?

The last name Cork is most common in Ireland and parts of Britain, particularly in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The surname Cork is believed to have derived from the Irish 'Ó Corcra'. This is thought to translate from the original Gaelic into the English as 'Son of Corcra', which links the first family to descendants of a 10th-century descendant of Herli Bicince, the leader of the Corcu Laigdi.

The name is most commonly found in baronies of Carbery in West Cork, where the original family is believed to have lived. The name continues to be a popular surname in the area, with over three-quarters of all Irish people with the surname living there.

It is also common in other parts of Ireland, particularly in Dublin, Laois, Galway and Kilkenny. In the UK, the counties of Kent and London have some of the highest populations of people with the surname Cork.

Outside Ireland and the UK, the surname is found in parts of North America and Australia, in particular in places where Irish people have migrated to. The name is also found in small numbers in South Africa, New Zealand, and Europe where Irish migration has also taken place.

Variations of the surname Cork

The surname Cork has several regional variants, spellings and related surnames. It is an English name of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is most commonly found in Great Britain and Ireland. Variations of the surname Cork include Corke, Corrk, Corke, Corks and Corke.

In the United States, some spelling variants of this surname include Corke, Corrk, Coarke and Cork. It is also found with variant spellings in France, such as Cowrk, Courke and Courk. It is also found in countries like Portugal and Spain as Corca and Corke, respectively.

Other related surnames to Cork include: Courque, Courquin, Corkum, Coward, Cowherd, Cowherds, Fields, Warren, Marsh, Marr, Murr, Mourge and Morey.

The earliest record of the surname Cork dates back to 1275, when John de Corke was on record in Surrey, England. John de Corke was listed in Subsidy Rolls of Surrey in 1275. Theword Cork originates from the Old English word "corc," meaning "marsh." The Marsh family of Somerset, England, had its lineage related to Cork families. Another Cork variant, the Corkum family of Nova Scotia, originated in Cornwall, England in the 1600s.

Cork is a popular surname, though its variations still may be uncommon. It is an ancient and distinguished surname with a rich history, origins and associated families.

Famous people with the name Cork

  • Hillary Clinton Cork: American lawyer, diplomat, politician, and writer who served as the 67th United States Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013.
  • Nathan Cork: An 18th century British Member of Parliament.
  • Ian Cork: Former professional cricketer who represented Yorkshire and Leicestershire.
  • Cyd Charisse Cork: American actress and dancer who appeared in films and on television.
  • Eddie Cork: Former NFL player who held several records.
  • Jeni Cork: British interior designer, television presenter, photographer and author.
  • Terry Cork: Manager, promoter, and agent for numerous famous musicians.
  • Peter Cork: English jazz and swing-era guitarist known as the "Swing King".
  • Cyndi Cork: American artist and designer known for her sculptural work with metal.
  • Robert Cork: Bassist and tenor banjoist who toured with the country music band called The Cork Brothers.

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