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Surname Gill - Meaning and Origin

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An Unexpected Journey into My Gill Heritage: Discoveries from an iGENEA DNA Test

After weeks of eager anticipation, my iGENEA DNA test results finally made their way into my hands. I had begun this journey with hopes of unearthing more about my lineage – more about what made me, me. And, like all good stories, mine was loaded with surprising turns and unexpected revelations centered around the surname, Gill.

G. Gill

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Gill: What does the surname Gill mean?

The surname Gill has multiple origins, namely English, Scottish, and Irish. It is derived from different elements according to the culture. In English and Scottish communities, it often originates from the word "gill", referencing a ravine or narrow valley, marking someone who lived near such a geographical feature. The Scottish origin could also be from the Gaelic word 'gille', meaning 'servant' or 'youth'.

In Irish culture, Gill descends from the Gaelic name Mac Giolla, meaning 'son of the servant of God' which got shortened to MacGill and then Gill. Meanwhile, for some families, Gill may have been a short form of the personal names Giles, Julian, or William. While the name is prevalent in northern England and Scotland, many Irish immigrants in the USA also carry this name. Therefore, the interpretation of the last name Gill can vary greatly depending on familial lineage and cultural history.

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Gill: Where does the name Gill come from?

The surname Gill has roots in several cultures including English, Irish, Scottish, and Sikh. In English, it either derives from the personal name Gill, a short form of Gilbert, or from a geographical term "gill" or "ghyll" denoting a ravine. In Scotland, it's usually linked to the Gaelic personal name "Gille". The Irish version is often an anglicised form of the Gaelic "Mac an Ghoill", meaning "son of the stranger". For Sikhs, this surname is derived from a clan (or 'misls') within the Jat community.

Today, the surname Gill is widespread across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is also common in the Punjab region spanning India and Pakistan due to the significant Sikh population there. In the United States and Canada, it can be found among descendants of immigrants from these regions. Like many surnames, Gill is now globally distributed due to patterns of migration, colonialism, and globalisation.

Variations of the surname Gill

The surname Gill has its roots in several cultures including English, Scottish, Irish, and Swedish, which leads to several variants and similar surnames. Some of these variants differ in spelling and pronunciation depending on their origin.

In English, Scottish, and Irish cultures, the surname Gill is sometimes spelled with an additional 'e' at the end, as 'Gille' or 'Gillie'. In some cases, it could also be 'Gyll' or 'Gell'.

The name also has derivative surnames such as Gillman and Gillen, which means 'son of Gill'.

In Swedish, the name is often spelled as 'Gyll', 'Gill', 'Gylli' or 'Gilli'.

Other surnames which could potentially have the same origin due to phonetics and possible common ancestor include: Gild, Gile, Giles, Gillis, Gilly, and Gilley.

It's also worth noting that 'McGill', a popular Scottish surname, derives from 'Mac an Ghoill' which means 'son of a stranger', adding to the list of surnames of the same origin.

However, it's important to recognize the complexity of tracing surnames origins as migration, translation, and assimilation into different cultures can often change or obscure original spellings and meanings.

Famous people with the name Gill

  • Vince Gill: Famous American country singer and songwriter.
  • Peter Gill: British theatre director and playwright.
  • Johnny Gill: Renowned American R&B singer, songwriter, and former member of the group New Edition.
  • Thomas Gill: Notable American politician.
  • Kirstill Gill: New Zealand cricket player.
  • J.B. Gill: English singer and member of boy band JLS.
  • Terry-Thomas Gill: British stage and film actor.
  • Aidan Gill: Famous Irish stage and screen actor.
  • Tony Gill: Australian politician and former member of the New South Wales Legislative Council.
  • Catherine Gill: Bestselling author and advocate of plant-based diet.
  • Reggie Gill: Canadian professional ice hockey player.
  • Brendan Gill: American author known for his work at The New Yorker magazine.
  • Rhodri Gill: Welsh rugby union player.
  • A.R. Gill: Indian cricket player.
  • Tommy Gill: U.S. Major League Baseball player.
  • John Gill: Noted American rock climber.
  • Ted Gill: Former American football player and coach.
  • Megan Gill: South African politician.
  • John Gill: Renowned English Baptist minister.
  • David Gill: Notable British businessman, former chief executive of Manchester United.

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