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Surname Kabes - Meaning and Origin

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Kabes: What does the surname Kabes mean?

The last name Kabes is of German origin and has several different potential meanings. It is derived from the Middle High German word "kabes," meaning "bean," giving rise to a possible meaning of "bean seller." Alternatively, it could be derived from the Latin cabanus, meaning "hut," indicating a possible meaning of "one who lived in a hut."

The surname could also be linked to the Old High German word "kab," meaning "side," which would give it the meaning of "dweller at the side of a hill." This would refer to someone who lived on a slope or incline. In this context, Kabes may have been used as a geographic identifier, much like Hill or Valley.

Finally, Kabes could derive from the German "kabern," meaning "barn," suggesting that a possible meaning is "dweller at the barn." This may refer to someone who worked on a distant farmstead or owned a large, rural property.

Whatever the origin of this surname, it is clear that the last name Kabes has a variety of potential meanings that can be traced back to Old German and Latin roots.

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Kabes: Where does the name Kabes come from?

Kabes is an Jewish surname, originating from the Hebrew word for ‘blessed’. Today the surname is most commonly found in Israel, although it is also present in other parts of the world including the United States, Australia, Europe, and Latin America. It is most common in areas with large populations of Jewish people, as it is believed to have been brought over during the migration of Jewish people from Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In the United States, records show that Kabes was the 39,947th most common surname in the 2010 census. In this country, the largest numbers of Kabes families were found in the states of New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and California. Most of these families had their roots in the original Jewish migrants from Europe.

In Israel, the name Kabes was the 9,741st most common surname in the 2016 census, indicating a much higher prevalence in this country. Furthermore, the Kabes surname is especially common in certain Palestinian towns such as Beit Ul-Moqaddas, Tubas, and Safad. In Europe, Kabes is most commonly found in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands.

Ultimately, the Kabes surname is most commonly encountered in Israel today, although with its roots in Europe there are still many contemporary Kabes families around the world.

Variations of the surname Kabes

The surname Kabes is derived from the Polish Jewish Ashkenazic surname Kabes. It is derived from the given name Jakob, which is Hebrew for "Jacob". It is also related to names such as Kabe, Kado, and Gekabi.

Variations of Kabes include Kabsc, Kabeš, Kabso, Kabess, Kabsh, and Kabeck. The name also occasionally appears with an s or z at the end of it, such as Kabesz.

Surnames related to Kabes include Kaber, Kabis, Kabish, Kabitz, and Kabishke. It used to also appear in forms such as Kabasch and Kabitsch.

Spelling variations include Kabes, Kabis, Kabeš, Kabeck, Kabecq, Kabesz, Kabsc, Kabesch, and Kabess.

The various forms of Kabes are believed to come from different parts of Galicia and Poland. The spelling variations can be traced back to the time when families adopted surnames. It is possible that different origins were adopted to distinguish among family lines.

Famous people with the name Kabes

  • Adina Kabes: an Excellent Unit Award-winning Ultra HD digital animator and painter.
  • Art Kabes: a lyricist for the 1980s band Sha Na Na.
  • Barb Kabes: the mother of former US Vice President Mike Pence.
  • Brock Kabes: a Major League Baseball player in the 1970s.
  • Charles Kabes: a New Orleans-based acrobat and artist.
  • Crescencio Kabes: a Mexican painter and sculptor known for his works depicting nature.
  • Dave Kabes: a professional golfer who won the NCAA title in 1976.
  • Denise Kabes: an Emmy-nominated voice actress.
  • Gerritt Kabes: a jazz saxophonist and composer.
  • Isabelle Kabes: a French model and actress.
  • Jamie Kabes: drummer for the 1980s punk band Flipper.
  • Jan Kabes: a Dutch athlete who competed in middle-distance events at the 1988 Olympics.
  • Joe Kabes: the creator of the modern cheeseburger at the original White Castle restaurant in 1921.
  • Kathryn Kabes: a country music singer-songwriter.
  • Kris Kabes: an award-winning flutist with a career spanning over forty years.
  • Lila Kabes: a renowned Midwestern folk artist whose quilts are now part of the permanent collections of numerous museums.
  • Mark Kabes: a former NHL player who is now a two-time Stanley Cup-winning coach.
  • Mitch Kabes: a Grammy Award-winning lead singer in the Christian rock band Newsong.
  • Paul Kabes: one of the earliest African American aviators in the US.
  • Roger Kabes: a pioneer in the development of modern kicker and punter techniques.

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