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Surname Käbermann - Meaning and Origin

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Käbermann: What does the surname Käbermann mean?

The surname Käbermann stems from the German language, and literally means “Cooper's man”. This refers to the traditional trade of a cooper, a skilled craftsman who repairs and creates containers by shaping or assembling wooden strips, such as barrels. This family name would thus have been suggestive of someone associated with this craft.

In some cases, the surname may have been acquired to signify someone who simply worked near or associated with the trade, such as a dealer, customer or associate. In other cases, the name may have been adopted to suggest family relations. This could either have been a relative of someone in the trade, or simply an adoptive family member taken in to learn and join the trade and given the name to signify the connection in a more official capacity.

Throughout the ages, the name Käbermann has taken on various variations throughout Germanic-speaking countries, such as Käberman, Käber, Coeber, Coebermann and Kaebmann. These variations may have been down to the spelling of foreign words into the local and then collective language, or through changes adapted by different families to uniquely and proudly represent their own personal identity and origin.

In the modern age, the Käbermann surname is a proud and increasingly rare Germanic heritage. Many descendants of the name bear it with honour and appreciate the connections to the trade and craftsman that they have inherited.

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Käbermann: Where does the name Käbermann come from?

The last name Käbermann is most commonly associated today with Germany, due to its German origins. The name first appeared as a byname as early as 1528, and was used to highlight a family's connection to a particular area, associated business, or skill. The name is very likely derived from the surname Kaber, which became Käber over the centuries.

The surname is most frequently found in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany, with significant numbers also appearing in Berlin, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. Outside Germany, the name is primarily associated with emigrants from the country in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including those from the largely Jewish communities of the German empire.

The vast majority of people with the last name of Käbermann are of German descent, and while it is widespread within Germany, it is not particularly common outside the nation. It is also not a particularly common name even within Germany, with just under 3,000 individuals bearing the name in 2015.

It is a popular name in Israel, as it is widely used by recent arrivals from Germany and parts of Europe, with twice as many Käbermanns living in 2007 as there were in 2000. The name also appears in the United States, particularly in California and Pennsylvania, though again its presence largely reflects emigration from Germany in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Variations of the surname Käbermann

The surname Käbermann is derived from the German word "Käfer". It is a surname of very old German origin, and is believed to have originated from the Burgundian region.

Variations of the surname Käbermann include Kaebermann, Kaebmann, Kaebe, Kaemmann, Kammmann, Kaeble, Kebel, Kabel, and Kabbelmann.

Spellings of the surname Käbermann vary, and include Käbermann, Käbelmann, Kaäbelmann, Käberman, Käbelman, Käbelmann, Kaebermann, Käbbermann, Kebberman, Kebbmann, Kebbman, Kaebelmann, and Kebelmann.

Surnames related to the Käbermann surname include Cabbermann, Käppermann, Keppelmann, Köppelmann, Käppelmann, Köbbelmann, Köbbelman, Keppelman, Köppelman, and Keppelman.

Käbermann is an occupational surname, as it originates from the German word for beetle. The surname denotes someone who worked in the beetle-related industry, such as a farmer who raised beetle larvae, a collector who gathered and sold beetles, or a beekeeper.

Famous people with the name Käbermann

  • Christian Käbermann: German professional footballer who currently plays for Arminia Bielefeld
  • Brigitte Käbermann: Actress, best known for her roles in German television series such as Lindenstraße
  • Klaus Käbermann: German politician and member of the Christian Democratic Union
  • Matthias Käbermann: Retired German footballer and current sports director of 1. FC Kaiserslautern
  • Julia Käbermann: German actress, known for her roles in TV series like Dynamo Dresden
  • Michael Käbermann: German philosopher, professor of philosophy at the University of Hamburg
  • Werner Käbermann: Former German swimming coach
  • Daniel Käbermann: German polo player, member of the German national team
  • Michael Käbermann: German performance artist, multimedia artist and activist
  • Ralf Käbermann: German former football player for SSV Ulm 1846
  • Dieter Käbermann: Former German football player, played for clubs like VfL Bochum
  • Rainer Käbermann: German classical cellist, conductor and professor, associated withanteambau
  • Romy Käbermann: German fashion designer, designer for the household name Diesel
  • Hardy Käbermann: German former Olympic canoe paddler
  • Andreas Käbermann: German conductor and choirmaster, member of the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival orchestra

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