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Surname Kaava - Meaning and Origin

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Kaava: What does the surname Kaava mean?

The last name Kaava is of Finnish origin. The literal translation of the name Kaava is “form” or “pattern” which may hint at the family’s origins as craftsmen or creatives, as well as its connection to Finland's textile industry.

The name Kaava likely originated centuries ago and has been carried on throughout the generations. Today, there are thousands of individuals who carry the name Kaava, with family members living throughout Finland, North America, and beyond.

This surname is still strongly connected to the textile industry in Finland. Pekka Kaava was employed at Tavastia Woolen Mills in Kortesjärvi during the 1960s and '70s, while another Kaava worked at the venerable House of Kaava in Kaavi from 1902 to 1945.

In terms of genealogical research, Kaava is a relatively common surname in Finland. Today, there are several active Facebook pages dedicated to the Kaava family tree, providing a great resource for individuals who are seeking to discover more about their heritage.

The Kaava name is living proof of the long and winding history of Finland, and is sure to continue being passed down the generations to come.

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Kaava: Where does the name Kaava come from?

The last name Kaava is most commonly found in Estonia and Finland, though families with this surname can also be traced to other parts of Europe and Scandinavia.

In Estonia, the Kaava surname is typically associated with the country's South Estonian region. Families with this name often trace their origins back to the Estonian parish of Vasknarva, which is located in the county of Voru. This is where the Kaava family was first recorded in the late 19th century and likely precedes this era.

In Finland, the Kaava surname is commonly found in the southeastern region of Savo. This region is home to many of the country's largest cities and seaports, as well as several rural areas that are populated by people associated with this surname.

The Kaava surname is also found in other parts of Europe, mostly in Scandinavia. In Denmark, this name is most commonly found in the northern parts of the country, while in Sweden, its prevalence is centered in the Stockholm and Uppsala regions. Whether families with this last name are native to these areas or have spread from other countries is yet to be determined.

Overall, the last name Kaava is most commonly found in Estonia and Finland, though it is also present in other parts of Europe. It remains unclear if these families are native to these areas or have spread from other parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Kaava

The surname Kaava is an occupational surname which has many different variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Kaava is a Finnish and Estonian surname derived from the Old Norse word “kalfi” meaning “shoemaker”.

The most common variant of the surname Kaava is Kavas. Kavas is the plural form of the original Kaava, meaning “shoemakers”. It is the most commonly found variant in Finland and Estonia.

Kava, Kalves, Kalvits and Kalvis are also variants of the surname Kaava. These additional variations are used more commonly by those of Lithuanian heritage, although the surname Kaava is found in other countries as well.

Kava is a phonetic variation of the name and is used in North America, while Kalves and Kalvits are found mainly in Latvia and Kalvis is used in Estonia.

Other surnames that are linked to the root of Kaava include Kahve, Kavo, Kavil, Kavee, Kual, and Neval. These surnames can be found in multiple countries around the world and are all related to the original Kaava name.

Therefore, Kaava is an occupational surname with many variants, spellings and close relatives, each of which are derived from the Old Norse for “shoemaker”.

Famous people with the name Kaava

  • Kaava Moniba: former Prime Minister of Comoros
  • Heikki Kaava: Finnish politician
  • Irma Kaavas: Estonian actress
  • Siim Kaava: Estonian professional basketball player
  • Marina Kaava: Russian film director
  • Lapsen Kaava: Russian pop-rock artist
  • Olli Kaava: Finnish racing cyclist
  • Apoalai Kaava: Tuvaluan politician
  • Reijo Kaava: Finnish ice hockey player
  • Carlos Kaava: Chilean professional football player

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