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Surname Kabasakal - Meaning and Origin

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Kabasakal: What does the surname Kabasakal mean?

The last name Kabasakal is an Armenian name that is derived from the Turkish kabasakal, which translates to "gourd man". This name often indicates an individual whose ancestry includes both Armenian and Turkish roots. The origin of this name dates back to the Ottoman Empire when the Kurds, Turks, and Armenians all lived within its borders.

The literal meaning of the word Kabasakal refers to an individual who works in the agriculture industry and specifically deals with gourds, which are a type of squash cultivated in the region. This could indicate that the person’s ancestors were employed in this profession during the time of the Ottoman Empire.

Kabasakal is a unique name that communicates a strong cultural heritage. With its ties to both the Armenians and Turks, the name carries with it a sense of identity forged through a common ancestry and shared culture. The word itself is also indicative of the geographical context: it is derived from Turkish which is the language traditionally spoken throughout much of Anatolia and the Middle East.

In conclusion, the last name Kabasakal is steeped in cultural history and is directly related to both Turkish and Armenian culture. This name was given at the time of the Ottoman Empire to those of both Armenian and Turkic descent who were employed in the agricultural profession, specifically those who worked with gourds.

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Kabasakal: Where does the name Kabasakal come from?

The last name Kabasakal is most commonly found in Turkey today. It is an ethnic Turkish name, with a noun meaning ‘shield’ and an adjective meaning ‘anointed.’ The surname is said to have been passed down through generations of Turks and remains most popular among those people in the 21st-century.

Unlike many popular surnames from the region, Kabasakal is not a patronymic name and is typically used as an individual surname. It is believed to be native to the country, with records of people using it as early as the 1600s.

The most common place of origin for people with the last name Kabasakal is the town of Seferhisar, in the present-day Izmir Province, which is located on the west coast of Turkey. This region is called the pearling district because of its prominent pearl production industry.

More recently, the Kabasakal family initially immigrated to Süleymaniye, Istanbul in the mid-1900s, before eventually settling in the city of Adana. Other groups of Kabasakal’s have settled in regions around Izmir and Antalya, around Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.

The distribution of individuals with the surname Kabasakal is continually changing due to migration and population shifts, and the family is becoming increasingly spread around the world. There are now Kabasakal’s living in Germany, the US, Canada, and Australia, for example. The surname has also seen changes in spelling in countries like the US, being changed to Kabasakalis or occasionally Kabasackal.

Variations of the surname Kabasakal

The surname Kabasakal contains a variety of variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These variants, spellings and surnames include Kasapoglu, Kasapogullari, Kabsakal, Cabasakal, Qabasakal, Qabaskal, Kabaskal, Kabasagal, Kebaskal, Kebasakal, Kaplasoglu, Kasapogullari and Kabayoglu.

Kabasakal is a Turkish surname that is derived from the Greek word kabas (archaic form ‘kabasakal’). It is thought that the original meaning of this word, in Turkish, was derived from the phrase “girdi kabas” which means “to enter with a shield” and is indicative of a warrior mentality. The term ‘cabasakal’, which is commonly used in modern Turkey, is derived from the phrase ‘cabas kal’ which means ‘to remain on guard’ and could also refer to the watchfulness of a sentry or soldier.

Kasapoglu is also derived from the original Kabasakal surname and is thought to mean “grapeskin seller”. Other variations, such as Kaplasoglu, are derived from the Turkish term Kaplas, which means ‘a cap worn during religious services’. Kabayoglu translates to “son of the metalworker” and may be indicative of a skilled artisan in the past.

Other common surnames, such as Kabsakal and Cabasakal, are derived from the Kabasakal surname and are popular in regions outside of Turkey, such as in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Armenia.

Regardless of the region used, each spelling and surname of Kabasakal is derived from the same base surname, the Kabasakal, and speaking to the personal or family history of the individual within those regions.

Famous people with the name Kabasakal

  • Ömer Faruk Kabasakal: Turkish folk and classical singer
  • Hasan Kabasakal: Turkish actor
  • Aylin Kabasakal: Turkish actress
  • Öykü Kabasakal: Turkish actress
  • Şener Şen: Turkish comedian, actor and vocal artist
  • Ayhan Kabasakal: Turkish composer and producer
  • Uğur Kabasakal: Turkish actor
  • Mimar Sinan Kabasakal: Turkish architect
  • Osman Tanju Kabasakal: Turkish journalist
  • Fatih Kabasakal: Turkish footballer
  • Ali Kabasakal: Turkish education expert and academic
  • Mahsun Kabasakal: Turkish professor of Marine Biology
  • Yahya Kabasakal: Turkish painter and sculptor
  • Zühre Kabasakal: Turkish actress and singer
  • Hakan Kabasakal: Turkish former footballer
  • Aytekin Kabasakal: Turkish former footballer
  • Murat Kabasakal: Turkish professional footballer

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