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Surname Käberich - Meaning and Origin

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Käberich: What does the surname Käberich mean?

Käberich is a German surname that has strong roots throughout Germany and Austria, with the surname often being seen in historical records dating back to the 1300s. It is believed to have originated in the Rhineland region of Germany, which borders the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

The name translates to ‘of the wild boar’, and it would appear that the original bearer of the name was associated with the animal in some way. It is likely that the name was granted to a particularly brave or renowned individual who was able to hunt the fearsome animal. The original form of the name was 'Käb', but it was later changed to 'Käberich' as the language evolved.

Throughout the centuries, the Käberich surname has remained fairly rare, but there are now many branches of the family scattered throughout Germany and Austria. Today, the Käberich name is still fairly respected and esteemed, and some members of the family have risen to prominent positions in the fields of architecture, the arts, and even government. For the Käberich family, the legacy of the wild boar still lives on.

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Käberich: Where does the name Käberich come from?

The last name Käberich is most commonly seen in Germany today, especially in the south, particularly in Bavaria. It was likely brought to this region by people who settled from other parts of what is now Germany centuries ago. The name is recorded in Germany since at least the 12th century.

It can also be found in other German-speaking countries such as Austria and Switzerland, reflecting shared immigration patterns from Germany centuries ago. As well, some people who bear the last name Käberich emigrated to other countries in Europe and around the world in the centuries since.

Käberich is thought to be derived from the occupation of "czaber" or "kaberer," which was a term used in middle German to describe a type of merchant or peddler. In addition, there is a small town in Bavaria named Käberich.

The name is found all around the world today, with people bearing the last name Käberich living in a variety of countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and others. It can also be found in parts of Africa, East Asia, South America, and Oceania.

Regardless of where people bearing the last name Käberich live today, the name almost certainly has its origin in Germany centuries ago.

Variations of the surname Käberich

The surname Käberich is derived from the German word Kaber, and can have several alternate variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

The most common variants of the surname Käberich include Caberich, Kaberich, Cabriche, and Kabrich. These are usually seen within German-speaking countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein.

In addition, there are several phonetic variants and/or mispellings of the surname, including Kaberix, Kaeberey, Kaberalk, Kaiberick, and Kaberixch. These variants may predominantly be seen in English-speaking countries.

The surname Käberich may also be derived from the surnames Gaab, Gab, Geb, Gaber, Gebicke, and Geberich, making them related surnames of the same origin. Similarly, variants of the surname Käberich may also be derived from the German nicknames Caber, Gebel, and Gaberl.

Finally, there are also some surnames with similar spellings, such as Käppler, Köppler, Köbler, Käbler, Köppele, and Koopler, which appear to be derived from other German words. While these do not appear to share the same origin as Käberich, they do carry similar spellings and pronunciations.

Famous people with the name Käberich

  • Jurgen Käberich: German professional soccer player.
  • Sarah Käberich: German former professional volleyball player.
  • Barbara Käberich: German professional classical soprano singer.
  • Robert Käberich: German Olympic wrestler.
  • Carlos Käberich: Brazilian Olympic field hockey player.
  • Verena Käberich: German Paralympic snowboarder.
  • Timo Käberich: German professional football coach.
  • Roland Käberich: German Olympic rowing champion.
  • Christine Käberich: German endurance rider and trainer.
  • Manfred Käberich: German former professional basketball player.
  • Fabian Käberich: German Olympic sprint running champion.
  • Cassio Käberich: Brazilian footballer.
  • Martin Käberich: German professional football defender.
  • Frank Käberich: German professional football goalkeeper.
  • Jürgen Käberich: German Ornithologist.
  • Marius Käberich: German traveler and nature photographer.
  • Eric Käberich: German former professional football player.

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