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Surname Laar - Meaning and Origin

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Laar: What does the surname Laar mean?

The surname Laar is of Dutch origin and derives from a topographic name. It stems from the Middle Dutch term "laer" which means a 'hollow', 'valley' or 'clearing'. This suggests that the name may have originally been taken by families living in or near such a location. It is part of a group of last names derived from geographical features - such as hills, streams, woods, fields, or specific types of trees. Therefore, the surname Laar would have been used to describe someone who lived in or near a clearing or a valley. Like many other surnames that were formed during the middle ages, they often provide clues to where the initial bearer of the name resided or was born. As a surname, it can be found in various forms in different countries, owing to immigration and localization. The spelling variations of this surname include Van Laar, Verlaar, Lar, Laer, among others. It is important to note that surnames also had spelling variations depending upon the local dialects and languages over the centuries.

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Laar: Where does the name Laar come from?

The last name Laar is most commonly found in the Netherlands and surrounding areas of Europe. Those who bear the name are primarily of Dutch, German, and French heritage. The spelling of the name can vary, with Laar, Laer, Lare, and Laer, being the most common variations.

The name Laar most likely originated from a place name in the Netherlands and Germany. The term "laar," which means "forest" or "wooded area," is believed to be the source of the surname. Those with the last name Laar inhabited parts of the Netherlands near competition water sources, such as along the Rhine.

In more recent history, the name can be found across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, and other parts of northwestern Europe. The Netherlands remains the primary concentration of people with the last name Laar, however. In addition, Dutch emigrants worldwide, especially in the United States, have taken this name with them as they’ve settled in other countries. Approximately 50,000 individuals in the United States today bear the last name Laar.

Overall, the Laar surname continues to remain popular throughout Europe and other areas of the world where Dutch emigrants have settled.

Variations of the surname Laar

The surname Laar has multiple variants and alternate spellings, as well as different surnames of the same origin. The most common variants of Laar are Larr, Lar, Larrs, Larre, Lors, and Lairs. Many of these variants are found primarily in Northern Europe.

In the Netherlands, Laar is most commonly spelled as “Larr”, and it can also be seen spelled as “Lar”, “Larre”,or “Lors”. Additionally, several alternate spellings of the name can be found, including “Leer”, “Ler”, “Lehar”, or “Laara”. The Dutch surname is derived from the word “lâh”, meaning “pasture” or “meadow”.

In Germany, the surname is often found spelled as “Lar”, or “Lairs”, with some alternate spellings being “Laire”, “Ler”, or “Larrs”. The German form of the name also comes from the same root word, with the name meaning ‘dweller in a meadow’.

The surname Laar can also be found in the Scandinavian countries of Norway and Sweden. In Norway, the surname is commonly spelled as “Lar”, while in Sweden it is often seen spelled as “Lar”, “Larssen”, or “Larsson”, and as “Larso” in Finland. In both countries the surname is believed to come from the Old Norse word “lárr”, meaning “open land”.

The surname Laar is also commonly found in Poland, sometimes spelled as “Lar”, “Larsz”, or “Larski”. The Polish version of the name is derived from the old Slavic word “lâs” or “lâr”, meaning “forest”.

While these are the most common variants of the surname Laar, there are several more which have different spellings and origins. Regardless of the spelling or origin, all of these surname variants are derived from the same root word, and are believed to indicate a person from a meadow or pasture.

Famous people with the name Laar

  • Rudi Laar: Former Prime Minister of East Germany
  • Peter Laar: Dutch speed skater
  • Shu Laar: American rapper
  • Jeroen Laar: Dutch rower
  • Alexander Laar: Dutch Assassin’s Creed developer
  • Ciaran Laar: Irish footballer
  • Dani Laar: Spanish ice dancer
  • Liesbeth Laar: Dutch celebrity chef
  • Vanessa Laar: American voice actress
  • William Laar: South African cricket player

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