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Surname Laarman - Meaning and Origin

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Laarman: What does the surname Laarman mean?

The surname Laarman is of Dutch origin. It is a topographic surname, which is a type of surname based on a person's residence. The name corresponds to one lived near or worked on a "laar", a term used in certain parts of the Netherlands to denote a patch of fallow or arable land, hence "Laarman" would mean "man from the laar" or "man of the arable land". It can also be interpreted as the "man from the clearing" as "laar" or "loo" also refers to a glade or clearing in a forest. Like many surnames, interpretations may vary but they generally point towards geographical origin or occupation. This surname is popular in the Netherlands and is also found amongst Dutch populations worldwide.

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Laarman: Where does the name Laarman come from?

The last name Laarman is believed to be of Dutch origin, and it appears to be most common in the country today. However, this is easily found in other locations around the world; particularly in countries with a significant population of ethnic Dutch settlers.

In the United States, Laarman is most commonly found in the Midwest - particularly in Ohio, Minnesota and Michigan. It's not a very common name here, though; the 2000 United States Census recorded 270 individuals with the surname. In Canada, Laarman has an even smaller presence, with fewer than 20 people having the name.

Interestingly, Laarman seems to be much more widespread in Australia. According to the National Names Index, there were more than 600 Australians with the last name Laarman in 2011. It is therefore reasonable to assume that a substantial portion of Laarmans around the world can trace their ancestry back to Australia.

In Europe, Laarman can be found in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom, with scattered presences in other countries as well. It appears to have a widespread, though sparse, presence around the continent; particularly in the urban centers of the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK.

In conclusion, the last name Laarman appears to be most common in the Netherlands today; however, it also has a presence around the world in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and various European countries.

Variations of the surname Laarman

The Laarman surname is mainly found in the Netherlands, however it can also be found in a few other countries. The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin as Laarman are:

Laarmann - This spelling is used predominantly in Germany and is quite similar to the original Dutch form.

Larmann - This spelling is used in many German dialects, as well as some regions in France and Switzerland.

Lermon - This variant is mostly found in France.

Lierman - This variant is also found in France and derivates from the German 'Lermon'.

Le Rassu - This variant is a French-Corsican derivative of the French 'Lermon'.

Larman - This variant is more recurrently found in England and is the English adaptation of the original Dutch surname.

Lorriman - This is one of the rarest forms of the origin surname, found more commonly in England.

Laar - This is an uncommon variant of the surname, found mainly in Netherlands.

Lairman - This variant is an anglicised Dutch adaptation of the original Dutch Laarman.

Lerman - This variant is quite rare and is found mainly in Germany and East Europe.

Lairamons - This variant is also rare and its found primarily in the Netherlands and the Netherlands Antilles.

Larimont - This spelling is mainly seen in France, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Lorimont - This is another rare French variant.

Leerman - This variant is found mainly in Germany, Poland, and the Netherlands.

So as we can see, the surname Laarman can have many derivatives and spellings, depending on the country and region. Generally, however, the variants are similar to the original and can be easily identified upon.

Famous people with the name Laarman

  • Dr. Maarten Laarman, Dutch Physicist and Professor of Artificial Intelligence
  • Petrus Laarman, Dutch educator and politician
  • Paul Laarman, Dutch painter and sculptor
  • Alfred Laarman, Dutch skater and cyclist
  • Krijn Laarman, Dutch origami expert and artist
  • Abel Laarman, Dutch artist who worked on book illustrations
  • Albert A. Laarman, Dutch philosopher and professor
  • Robin Laarman, Dutch journalist and current editor-in-chief of NRC Handelsblad (a major Dutch newspaper)
  • Joost Laarman, Dutch children's author
  • Thijs Laarman, Dutch racing cyclist and winner of the 2016 Dutch National Time Trial Championship

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