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Surname La Marca - Meaning and Origin

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La Marca: What does the surname La Marca mean?

The last name La Marca is a patronymic surname derived from the Italian word for "the mark," which is Marc'a. The name likely originally referred to a person who was distinguished or marked from his peers in some way, likely in terms of wealth or social standing. Over time, it became a surname that was passed down through the generations in Italy.

This surname can also be considered a locational surname, as it is found mainly in the area of Campobasso in southern Italy. It is believed that the original home of the La Marca family was there, and that this is where the surname originated.

Today, the name La Marca has become more widespread throughout Europe and to other countries around the world. It carries with it the spirit of tradition and heritage, while still representing the modern-day global family dynamic. It is a reminder of roots and of a shared family history.

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La Marca: Where does the name La Marca come from?

The surname La Marca is most commonly found in Italy and other Spanish-speaking countries. In Italy, the surname is most heavily concentrated in the Lombardy region and primarily in the cities of Milan, Bergamo, Travagliato, and Piacenza.

Outside of Italy, the surname is also found in Argentina, where the surname has become a common one since the arrival of Spanish settlers in the 19th and early 20th centuries. In Argentina, La Marca is among the 30 most common surnames and can be found mainly in the northwest provinces such as Misiones, Formosa, and Corrientes. The surname is also common in and around the capital, Buenos Aires.

The surname La Marca can also be found in other Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain, Mexico, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile, and Ecuador, as well as in some parts of the U.S., particularly on the West Coast. In the U.S., the surname is found mainly in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Overall, the surname La Marca is common in many countries and regions with Spanish-speaking populations or with colonized or migratory populations of Italians and Spanish speakers. In each location, the surname helps to identify the rich cultural and linguistic heritage of these places.

Variations of the surname La Marca

The surname La Marca has variants, spellings, and surnames from the same origin around the world. These include La Marche, LaMarque, Lamark, Lemark, Marca, Marc, Marce, Marchesa, March, Marchese, Marci, Marcia, Marcie, Marcionne, Marcs, Marcu, Marcum, Marke, Marquez, and Marz.

La Marca originated in Italy among the Napolitano and Sicilian populations. It is a habitational name, referring to a specific place, and could have been derived from a number of places with the same name in Italy. In some cases, La Marca could have been derived from the Latin “Maresca," which refers to the area around the Coast of Amalfi.

The surname is also popular in France, where it was likely derived from the French word “marche” which means “border” or “fringe of woods.” In France, the most common spellings are Marche, Marc, Marce, Marchese, and Marques.

In the United States, the surname is most commonly spelled La Marca. It is not uncommon to find La Marca combined with other surnames, such as La Marca-Garcia or La Marca-Martinez.

In Spain, the surname La Marca is still relatively uncommon. The most popular spellings are Marche, Marca, Marque, and Marques.

No matter where the surname originated from or what spelling it has taken on, La Marca is an interesting and diverse surname with a rich history.

Famous people with the name La Marca

  • Marcello La Marca: Italian composer and singer-songwriter
  • Valerio La Marca: Italian mountain guide, alpinist, and outdoor writer
  • Joaquín La Marca: Argentine actor and comedian
  • Federico La Marca: Italian actor
  • Alex La Marca: Argentine film director
  • David La Marca: Uruguayan basketball player
  • Conrado La Marca: Italian Olympic athlete
  • Édison La Marca: Argentine football player
  • Amador La Marca: Uruguayan football player
  • Ladislao La Marca: Argentine film director, screenwriter, and actor

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