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Surname La Rizza - Meaning and Origin

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La Rizza: What does the surname La Rizza mean?

The Italian surname La Rizza is believed to have originated from the region of Calabria, which is located in the southern tip of Italy. The name is derived from the word "riso" which means "rice" in Italian. This could indicate that the family once owned land where rice was cultivated or that they were involved in the trade of rice. It is also possible that the name derived from a local geographical feature, such as a hill or mountain, that was commonly referred to as “la rizza” (the ridge).

The earliest record of the surname dates back to 1112, when a man named “Lhenim Rusizia” is mentioned in a document from the Abruzzo region. Other records from 1240 refer to the family’s presence in the Bologna region, and the form “Lariccia” appears in a document from 1327 in Venice.

The surname likely spread southwards to Calabria, where it is still used today, before being adopted by other areas of Italy and worldwide. The current spelling of the name probably developed as a result of the 10th-century “Brief Romanization” of Italian spelling that was used by Italians migrating to other parts of the world.

The La Rizza family is associated with success, achievement, and dignity. Its members are often highly respected and well known in the Italian societies in which they live, and they are often leaders in business, politics, and religions. The family has also been successful in preserving and transmiting its cultural traditions and values to future generations.

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La Rizza: Where does the name La Rizza come from?

The last name La Rizza is primarily found in the United States, particularly in California, Florida, and Massachusetts. It is believed to have been brought over by Italian immigrants, and is today most commonly found in families of Italian heritage.

La Rizza is one of many Italian surnames that have become part of the American identity. Its history is rich in Italian culture. It is believed to be derived from an Italian word, "liriccia," which means a kind of throw-net. This could indicate a fisherman's surname, which would have strong roots in generations of Italian family fishing culture.

In addition, the name could also be linked to families of Italian nobility. The Latin spelling is "de Larizza," suggesting an Italian noble family who was later shortened to La Rizza. The differences between the two spellings are a testament to the lasting impact of Italian culture in the US.

The fact that La Rizza is still found today is a testament to the immigrant families who brought their surnames with them to the US. While many surnames come and go, those that are passed down through generations become part of the American identity. Today the last name La Rizza continues to be associated with the Italian-American culture and the rich history embedded in it.

Variations of the surname La Rizza

The surname La Rizza is derived from the Old French word ris, and is of Latin origin, meaning “reed,” “clue,” or “twig.” Common variations of this surname include La Rizza, LaRizza, LaRizzo, LaRice, LaRicea, LaRiz, and LaRicez.

La Rizza is an ancient Italian surname that appears in old records dating all the way back to the 11th century. During that time, it was commonly used to refer to a person from the city of Rezzaro, located in Northern Italy.

Over the centuries, this surname has been generalized and adopted by many different ethnicities and regions. In the United States, today, La Rizza can be found among Italian, Irish, and French assembly of households.

The most common variant spellings of the surname La Rizza include Rizzo, LaRice, Rizza, and Riz. Other possible variants include Lariza, Rizio, Ricot, Rizolli, and Ricotta.

One of the most common adoptee surnames associated with La Rizza is Rice. Many American families with the surname La Rizza have southern European ancestors who originally adopted the surname Rice. Other adoptee surnames of the same origin include Riose, Riola, Riossi, and Recel.

While some of the variants of La Rizza may be exclusive to particular regions and ethnicities, the surname is widespread and has been passed down through many generations.

Famous people with the name La Rizza

  • Niccolò La Rizza, Italian author
  • Pietro La Rizza, Italian physicist
  • Alex La Rizza, American tv journalist
  • Anthony La Rizza, former US Army Captain
  • Valentina La Rizza, Italian artist
  • Nathalia La Rizza, Italian fitness model
  • Vito La Rizza, Italian MMA Fighter
  • Mariafrancesca La Rizza, Italian journalist
  • Camilla La Rizza, Italian opera singer
  • Martina La Rizza, Italian cookbook author and artist

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