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Surname La Plante - Meaning and Origin

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La Plante: What does the surname La Plante mean?

The surname La Plante is of French origin. In French, "La Plante" translates to "the plant" in English. This name could have potentially originated as a nickname for a gardener, someone who worked with plants, or someone who lived or worked near a distinctive plant. It's crucial to note that occupational surnames were common back then, derived from the principal occupation of the head of household. Additionally, it implies connections with nature and growth. However, like many surnames, the exact significance might be lost in history, as its origin and the reasoning behind its bestowal can often be speculated but not definitively established. The name is prevalent in French-speaking regions such as Quebec, Canada, and France. A famous person with this surname is Lynda La Plante, a renowned British author, screenwriter, and former actress.

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La Plante: Where does the name La Plante come from?

The last name La Plante is most commonly found in the French-speaking regions of Quebec and the Maritime Provinces in Canada. It is also very prevalent in French-speaking areas of the United States, particularly Louisiana and Massachusetts.

In Quebec, the name was likely introduced by French immigrants from the Plante region of France or perhaps by French-Cajun settlers to Acadia in the early 18th century. It is likely that the surnames Plante, LaPlante, and La Plante were all used at one time to describe individuals from the same region.

The United States also has a significant population of La Plantes, with the highest concentration found in Louisiana. This area was once part of French-controlled territory, and many of the French immigrants who settled there carried La Plante as their last name.

In the 20th century, many French-Canadians and Cajuns living in New England and British Columbia adopted the name La Plante, including some of the area's Métis population. This likely occurred due to intermarriage or the migration of French-speakers from other areas of Canada and the United States.

Today, La Plante is a popular last name found all across Canada and the United States. It is especially prevalent in French-speaking countries in North America, where it is often seen as a sign of pride by those who bear the name.

Variations of the surname La Plante

La Plante is a French surname derived from the Latin planus meaning "flat" or "level". Variants of the surname include LaPlant, Plante, Plant, Planter, Leplan, De la Plante, Plan, Planters, Planteur, Planterson, Plantier, Planteau, Planta, Plantain, Desplantes, and Plantée. La Plante is the original French spelling and can sometimes be found spelt with an accent, La Plânte.

In their Anglicization, the surnames La Plante, Leplan, and Plant have been seen as Lampland, Laplant, Marland, Lampert, Lemper, Lamond, Lammans, Lamen, La Mond, Lempers, Lemmons, Lampard, Lampers, La Monde, Lemon, Lampert, La Monte, Lemmon, Lemne, Lemonds, Lemont and Lamont.

The majority of individuals with the La Plante surname are found in the northern and central regions of France. During the Migrations of the 19th to 20th centuries, the majority of individuals chose to emigrate to the United States. In America, the name is mostly found in the states of Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan and New York.

Variants of the La Plante surname are also found in Quebec, Canada. In French-speaking Canada, the surname is most commonly found spelt with an accent as La Plânte. In addition, other variants have also been found with spellings such as Planteur, Planteau, Planta, Plantain and Desplantes.

Overall, La Plante is a French surname that can be found throughout the northern and central regions of France and in parts of the United States and Canada. Variants and spellings of the name include LaPlan, Plant, Planter, Leplan, De la Plante, Plantier, Planteur, Planteau, Planta, Plantain, Desplantes and Plantée, while anglicized versions have been seen as Lampland, Laplant, Marland, Lampert, Lemper, Lamond, Lammans, Lamen, La Mond, Lempers, Lemmons, Lampard, Lampers, La Monde, Lemon, Lampert, La Monte, Lemmon, Lemne, Lemonds, Lemont and Lamont.

Famous people with the name La Plante

  • Lynda La Plante, British novelist and Emmy- and BAFTA-winning screenwriter
  • Willie La Plante, American co-founder of the United States Olympic Committee
  • Frankie La Plante, American college and professional basketball player
  • Erik La Plante, American ice hockey player
  • Marianne La Plante, American co-founder of Girl Scouts of America
  • George La Plante, American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Pastor Jon La Plante, American pastor, author, and radio host
  • Nick La Plante, American cult movie actor and director
  • Andrew La Plante, Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Doug La Plante, American professional wrestler also known as Dr. Feelgood and Red Rooster

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