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Surname La Coste - Meaning and Origin

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La Coste: What does the surname La Coste mean?

La Coste is a French last name and it is derived from the Old French term "cote", which means "rib", "coast", or "side". Therefore, La Coste can be translated to "the side" or "the coast". It may have been originally used as a geographical identifier for individuals living by a coast or hillside. Moreover, the name La Coste could have also potentially been used as a nickname for someone who dwelled on the slope of a hill or near the banks of a river. Like many surnames, they provide insight into the historical and geographical context and professional activities of people's ancestors. However, the direct and specific meaning and origin of individual surnames can be complex and multifaceted, often related to various factors such as regional dialects, local customs, and historical events.

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La Coste: Where does the name La Coste come from?

The last name La Coste is of French origin and it may be derived from "cote", which means "rib" or "slope". It may have originally been used to refer to someone living on or near a hillside or ridge. As a geographical surname, La Coste could also have been used to identify someone hailing from one of the various places named Coste, La Coste, or similar in France.

Today, La Coste is still most common in France, but can be found amongst French-speaking populations globally. In addition to France, the surname might be more prevalent in countries that have had significant French influence or immigration, such as Canada, particularly the province of Quebec, and the United States, specifically in regions like Louisiana. Further, the name may also be found in other parts of Europe, like in Belgium and Switzerland. The distribution of the La Coste surname is potentially widespread due to historic French colonial and cultural influences around the world.

Variations of the surname La Coste

The surname La Coste is of French origin, and it primarily refers to a geographical feature such as a hill or slope. Variants, alternative spellings, and surnames of the same origin include Lacoste, De Coste, De La Coste, Lecoste, Coste, Côste, Côte, Delacoste, Delacôste, Delacôte, and Couter. It's also seen as LaCoste, which is a single-word version of the same name.

The variations can be attributed to regional dialects in France. The "La" or "De La," means "of the" or "from the." The name can be found across France but is most common in the south and southwest regions, which historically spoke the Occitan and Gascon dialects, which are closely related to Catalan and Spanish.

The French word "côte" refers to the coast while "coste" usually signifies a rib or side. Hence, the surname could have originally been a topographic name for someone living by a steep hillside or by the coastal side, or a nickname for a thin person, from the old French "coste" meaning rib or side. This explains some of the geographical spread of the name, as it could fit well in many regions.

Famous people with the name La Coste

  • René Lacoste: A French tennis player, inventor, and businessman who was one of the world's top tennis players in the 1920s. He co-founded La Chemise Lacoste in 1933 with André Gillier, which would later become Lacoste, a luxury clothing company famous for its polo shirts.
  • Catherine Lacoste: The daughter of René Lacoste and the only amateur female golfer to have won the U.S. Women's Open.
  • Marcela Lacoste: An Argentine sociologist, known for her work on social exclusion.
  • Thierry Lacoste: René Lacoste's grand-nephew, an architect known for his modernist designs in France.
  • Béatrice Lacoste: The wife of René Lacoste and a fashion designer for the Lacoste company.
  • Michel Lacoste: The son of René Lacoste, who was President of the Lacoste company from 2005 to 2008. While 'La Coste' is not a common surname, the Lacoste family has gained significant prominence through their athletic performances, their influence in the fashion industry, and their contributions to society.

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