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Surname L'Espec - Meaning and Origin

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L'Espec: What does the surname L'Espec mean?

The French surname L'Espec is derived from the Old French word espes, meaning "thick bush." It's believed that its origin is from the Latin word specus which refers to dwellings or thickets in a forest. The surname is thought to have been adopted first by a family who lived on the border of a forest and then passed down through generations.

It's likely that the family who adopted the name wanted to be associated with the thick bush, either as a show of power and strength or because it was the family's source of food and protection. In the Middle Ages, the thick bush was often a religious symbol that represented strength and security.

The family who adopted the surname likely hailed from northern France, likely in the Provence region. Since then, the surname has been used by many different families and has seen some variations over time, such as "Despes," "le Despés," and "Lespès."

L'Espec is still a relatively uncommon surname today, and is mostly found in northern France and its surrounding areas. Those who carry the name may take pride in their French heritage and strong familial roots.

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L'Espec: Where does the name L'Espec come from?

The last name L'Espec is commonly found in France today. It is originally a French Huguenot name derived from the region of Brittany. The name presumably originated from the Breton language terms l'espes or l'espass meaning either "the path" or "the ridge". The surname appears throughout France in regions such as Champagne, Lorraine, Normandie, Picardie, Poitou-Charentes, and Aunis, in addition to Brittany.

The L'Espec family can trace its origins to the small town of Huitre in the Côtes-d'Armor department of Brittany, where records have been found dating as far back as the 16th Century. After that, records of the family can be found scattered throughout the region. By the 18th Century, members of the family had spread out to the many small villages and towns throughout France, and by the 20th Century, they had migrated to cities such as Paris and Marseille.

Today, the L'Espec surname is still quite prevalent in France, and is still particularly common in its home region of Brittany. Even in a time of increased mobility and globalization, the family still continues to hold tight to its Breton roots.

Variations of the surname L'Espec

The surname L’Espec has several spellings and variants to consider, each proof of an evolution of the original surname over time.

The L’Espec surname can also be written as L’Espes, L’Espé, Espesne, Espèce, L’Espérance, Espée, Espéraz, Espin, Espinasse, Espinat, Espinasse, Esprit, and Espriton.

These spellings can be further broken down into alternate surnames of various origins such as Del Espérance, Espinasse, Des Espérance, De Espirito, Espiron, d'Espin, de l'Espie, Épsam, Espinola, Espigle, Espinoy, Espit, Espel, Espéras.

The Espel variant originated from the city of Epinay in Normandy, France. The Espinasse variant is derived from the Spanish word 'espinar', meaning 'thorn’ or ‘spine’. The Espirito variant is taken from the Latin word spiritus, meaning ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’. Similarly, the Espinola variant, which is derived from the Spanish word for ‘spine’, is also found.

The L'Espec surname likely originated from the Old French word ‘espes’ which means ‘hope’ or 'aspiration'. The L’Espé, L’Espérance and Esprit variants all derive from this source, with L’Espérance being the French for ‘hope’.

In summary, the L’Espec surname is a fairly widespread name, found in numerous places throughout Europe. Its various spellings and alternate surnames are each a proof of its evolution over time.

Famous people with the name L'Espec

  • Dugald L'Espec (1708–1768): A signatory of the 1742 Deed of Grant of an area north of the Hawkesbury River to Third Fleet convicts.
  • Gordon L'Espec (1822–1862): A pastoralist and explorer of the Robinson River Valley in Australia's Northern Territory.
  • Donald L'Espec (1909–1985): A British-born actor, best known for playing Lord Fear in the children's television series Raven.
  • David L'Espec (born 1947): An Australian author, academic and diplomat.
  • Jennifer L'Espec (born 1971): An Australian cellist.
  • Brian L'Espec (born 1972): A motorsport reporter and commentator.
  • Chrysanthe L'Espec (born 1974): A Greek-born Australian author, poet and storyteller.
  • Jeannette L'Espec (1978): A French-born Australian author, poet and playwright.
  • Lorraine L'Espec (born 1979): An Australian media producer and presenter.
  • Amélie L'Espec (born 1982): A French-born Australian actress.

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