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Surname La Riccia - Meaning and Origin

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La Riccia: What does the surname La Riccia mean?

The last name La Riccia is an Italian noble family name with noble origins. It is derived from the Latin name "riccio" which means "curl or ripple" and was first documented circa 1100 AD in the town of Carabossa, near Soave in the province of Verona, Northern Italy.

The La Riccia family is thought to have descended from the Lombard Dynasty of Italy and were among the most illustrious families in the region. The House of La Riccia was a part of the Lo Scurna, a prominent local family during the 13th century. During the Renaissance period, the La Riccia family made their mark as a powerful political and military family. They held various positions in the Venetian Council of Ten, were appointed Governors in Dalmatia and fought several military campaigns in the Italian peninsula.

Perhaps the most well known La Riccia was the 16th century Italian Catholic Church saint, St. Battista La Riccia, who founded three charitable orders and was known for his unparalleled humility and dedication.

Overall, the name La Riccia stands for nobility, strength, and philanthropy, in addition to a long and distinguished history. It is a reminder of the grand legacy of the La Riccia family who have left their mark in the annals of Italy’s history.

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La Riccia: Where does the name La Riccia come from?

The last name La Riccia is most commonly found today in the Italian region of Tuscany where it originated centuries ago, and beyond that in other parts of Italy and in other countries with Italian communities.

The first record of the last name La Riccia in Tuscany dates back to 1514 when Giacomo di La Riccia was mentioned in a document in the archives of Prato, Tuscany. The earliest records of La Riccia often take the plural form, La Riccie, indicating that the La Riccia family were of some importance in the area.

In more recent times, La Riccia has been found mostly in central Italy, particularly in Florence, Prato and Tuscany, but also in other regions including Le Marche, Abruzzo, Molise and Lazio. It is also common in areas of Italian migration, such as the United States, Australia, Canada and Brazil.

The spread of the La Riccia family name has been attributed to the migrations of Italians from rural areas into large cities in the late 19th century and early 20th century, as well as to the increased movement of Italians from Italy to other countries in the second half of the 20th century.

Despite having been around for centuries, the La Riccia family name remains very much alive today, and continues to be found in many Italian cities and beyond.

Variations of the surname La Riccia

The surname La Riccia is derived from the Italian word ‘riccia’, which means curly. Variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin include:

Lariccia – This is an Italian variant of La Riccia, although it is more commonly seen in the United States.

Larizza – This variant is sometimes used in Italian records.

La Ricci – This is an alternate spelling of the surname La Riccia, and it more closely resembles the Italian pronunciation of the name.

La Rizzo – This Italian surname is another variant of La Riccia.

La Riccitiello - This variation of the name can be found in Sicily, and it may be an Italian-American variant, as well.

Rizzi – This is a less common variant of La Riccia, which may be derived from the Italian word 'riccio', which also means 'curly'. It is most widely used in southern Italy.

Rizzo – This Italian variation of La Riccia is typically found in central and northern Italy.

Ricci – This variation of the name is more commonly found in northern Italy.

Ricciardelli – This is an Italian surname derived from the nickname 'riccia'.

Ricciardi – This Italian surname is another derivative of 'riccia', and it is most commonly found in the southern regions of Italy.

Riccio – This Italian surname is derived from the word 'riccio', and it is most widely used in southern Italy.

Riccia – This is typically a given name derived from the surname La Riccia, but it can also be used as a surname.

Ricchelli – This Italian surname is derived from the word 'riccia', and it is most commonly found in the southern regions of Italy.

Ultimately, the surname La Riccia is an Italian name with varied spellings. Although each variant may have its own unique etymology and geographic origin, they all derive from the same origin.

Famous people with the name La Riccia

  • Augusto La Riccia: Italian film actor and voice actor
  • Cynthia La Riccia: Australian businesswoman, model and actress
  • Elizabeth La Riccia: Filipino actress
  • Tammy La Riccia: American television producer
  • Tommy La Riccia: American singer-songwriter
  • Troy La Riccia: American football player
  • Tony La Riccia: Italian photographer
  • Fabrizio La Riccia: Managing Director of Amnesty International Italia
  • Stephanie La Riccia: retired Italian playwright
  • Salman La Riccia: Executive Director of International LGBTI Association

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