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Surname L'Or - Meaning and Origin

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L'Or: What does the surname L'Or mean?

The last name L'Or refers to a French family surname meaning “of the gold”. It is derived from the Latin word for gold, aurum. This surname has been traced back as far as the 11th century, when a noble family in Burgundy, France adopted the name for their estate.

This surname has become popular throughout countries all over the world. It is found in countries such as France, the United Kingdom, Italy, and the United States. The L’Or surname is associated with a variety of spellings, such as de L’Or, des L’Ors, and del Or.

Several notable individuals have taken on this surname:

The French writer Louis Deslions became known as Louis de L’Or after joining a wealthy family. French singer, songwriter, and political activist Ashtar Galander was born under the name David L’Or. Robby Tisserand is a professional basketball player and is part of the French National Team who also carries the L’Or surname.

The L’Or surname often symbolizes wealth, nobility, and power, because of the Latin meaning “of the gold”. It’s believed to have been a name that signified its bearer had plenty of money. As it has become a popular last name all over the world, it has maintained its position as a marker of wealth and prestige.

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L'Or: Where does the name L'Or come from?

The last name L'Or is most commonly found in France, as well as throughout French-speaking parts of Europe. This is not surprising as it is a French surname that means "the gold." The first known recorded use of the name dates back to 1370 in France. It is believed to be of aristocratic or noble origins, and may have been an occupational name, indicating those who worked with gold or silver.

Today, the L'Or name is most widely present in France, although there are some who bear the name in Belgium, Switzerland, and Northern Italy. There are some recorded uses in Francophone countries in the Americas, mostly Canada, but it is not as commonly encountered there as it is in Europe.

The L'Or name may be of particular significance to French Canadians, many of whom trace their lineage back to the first French immigrants to North America in the 17th and 18th centuries. Through genealogy research and DNA testing, it is possible to trace one's ancestry back to L'Or-bearing ancestors.

In general, the L'Or name is a reminder of a distinguished heritage and a shared cultural past. It may also serve as a reference to an admired trait, such as ambition or leadership, commonly associated with those of noble or aristocratic heritage.

Variations of the surname L'Or

The surname L'Or has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These include L'Ore, L'Ors, L'Ora, Laore, Loor, Lor, Lors, Lorus, Lour, Lourss, Lours, Laorsi, Laor, and Laors.

The original spelling of L'Or, which originated in France, dates back to the 12th century and refers to a person from the town of Or in Normandy. In the 13th century, L'or evolved to L'Ore, meaning "from the gold". This was believed to refer to a person of wealth.

In Spanish, the surname is spelled Lore, Lor, Lors, Laorsi, Laor, or Laors. It also evolved to Lorez or Lores in certain areas of Mexico. In Italian, the name is spelled Lor or Lors.

In Germany, the name was spelled Loor, Lour, Lourss, or Lours. There is also a variant of the name called Laore, which is used in certain parts of the Netherlands.

The surname is also commonly found in the United States with various spellings and variants. In the US, the surname has been spelled Luckor, Luckore, Luckors, Luckorz, and Lockor.

Regardless of the spelling, all of these names share the same origin and are linked in some way. Whether someone has the surname L'Or, Lorez, Laore, Laorsi, or Lockor, all of these variants and spellings share a common bond.

Famous people with the name L'Or

  • Jean-Claude L’Or: French anthropologist known for his multidisciplinary approach to studying human cultures
  • Geoffroy L’Or: French film director
  • Sophie L’Or: French actress
  • Amelie L'Or: French painter
  • Michel L'Or: French sculptor
  • Etienne L'Or: French photographer
  • Yves L'Or: French singer-songwriter
  • Pierre L'Or: French theologian and author
  • Philippe L'Or: French architecture historian
  • Jean-Pierre L'Or: French anthropologist and social sciences professor

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