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Surname L'Estrange - Meaning and Origin

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L'Estrange: What does the surname L'Estrange mean?

L'Estrange is a French surname that denotes someone who is from a foreign or strange land. It is derived from the French phrase l’étranger, meaning the stranger, and implies that the family who bore this surname were originally from elsewhere.

The surname likely originates from a French noble family of Norman origin who were a prominent presence in England and France during the Middle Ages. The family was well established in England by the time of William the Conqueror, and held a number of prominent offices at Court. Such offices included the office of Lord High Admiral of England, Lord of the Isles, and Constable of Dover Castle.

L'Estrange is among the oldest and most unique surnames in Europe and commands great respect and admiration. It is an indication that the family have historic roots and that their ancestors were important figures within society. Today, many L'Estrange families reside in the United Kingdom, primarily in the south of England.

The L'Estrange family crest is a testament to the distinguished history of the family, showing a diagonal, chequy band of seven red and six silver squares. It is representative of their lengthy and impressive history, as well as their origin as foreign settlers.

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L'Estrange: Where does the name L'Estrange come from?

The last name L'Estrange is most commonly found in England. According to, the surname L'Estrange ranks 10,466th in popularity as of 2020 (it was much higher in the 1800s). The last name L'Estrange is of French origin and is derived from the French phrase for 'stranger'. In France, the last name is still quite popular and is found primarily in the Île-de-France region.

In England, many L'Estranges came to the area following the Norman invasion in 1066. Since then, many L'Estranges have lived and farmed in rural areas of Norfolk and Hampshire, the most popular areas being Fakenham, Herefordshire, and Wolverton. Today, many of the L'Estrange family members still live in England.

The name is also beginning to spread around other parts of the world, with small numbers in the U. S. especially, as well as in other English-speaking countries like Canada and Australia. It can be seen in larger numbers in the French Caribbean islands, and other French-speaking countries like France, Canada, and Haiti.

Regardless of where they live, many L'Estranges are proud of their heritage and are well-known for their great contribution to their communities. Their descendants can be found in regular and family gatherings, and family histories are known worldwide.

Variations of the surname L'Estrange

The surname L'Estrange is of French origin, derived from the old French phrase meaning "from a foreign country." It has various variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin.

The most commonly used variant of the surname is "Strange," which is derived from the old French estrange, meaning "foreigner." Other variants of the surname are "Strang," "Strangeway," "Strain," and "Estrayng." In Scotland, the surname is sometimes spelled "Lestrainge," while in Ireland, the surname is sometimes spelled "L'Estrain."

Some other surnames of the same origin, all derived from the phrase "from a foreign country," are "L'Etranger" and "Lestrange," as well as "L'Etrangle" and "L'Etrenger."

Some variant spellings of the surname include "Lestrange," "L'Estrange," "L'Estrange," "L'Estret," "Le Strang," "LeStrane," "LeStrang," "Thstrange," and "Thestrange."

There are also numerous changes in spelling, over time, due to dialectal differences and differing translations into other languages. For example, in Spain, the surname is spelled "Extranjero," while in Portugal, the surname is spelled "Estrangeiro." Likewise, in Germany, the surname is sometimes spelled "Fremd," and in the Netherlands, the surname is sometimes spelled "Vreemd."

Famous people with the name L'Estrange

  • Lady Lytton L'Estrange: British actress, born 1960
  • Francis L'Estrange: 17th-century English clergyman and miscellaneous writer
  • Joseph L'Estrange: British artist and sculptor, born 1975
  • Sir Roger L'Estrange: 17th-century English political writer and pamphleteer
  • John L'Estrange: English barrister, born c. 1600
  • Sir Hamon L'Estrange: 16th-century English courtier
  • Seaborn L'Estrange: English publicist, born c. 1620
  • Thomas L'Estrange: 17th-century English politician
  • Charles L'Estrange: 18th-century English Member of Parliament
  • Richard L'Estrange: 18th-century English Member of Parliament

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