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Surname MacCahey - Meaning and Origin

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MacCahey: What does the surname MacCahey mean?

The last name MacCahey is derived from the Irish name MacEachaidh, which has its roots in the ancient Gaelic language. MacEachaidh or MacCahey can mean "son of the fire" or "son of the forest." It is a common surname throughout Ireland, particularly in the region of Connacht.

The MacCahey’s are believed to have descended from a powerful line of the ancient Kings of Connacht, with their original lineage stretching back to at least 800 A.D.

The name of MacCahey may be associated with many figures in Irish history, and some say that it is the same name as the MacCuish family, which produced the famous 6th century Irish Monks known as the Four Masters.

The name is also linked with a prominent branch of the O’Connor family which served as chiefs of the Connacht Province from the 12th Century until the United Kingdom established rule of the area.

MacCahey is a proud yet ancient surname which has been borne by generations of families across Ireland. It is a reminder of the history, heritage and pride associated with those who bear it.

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MacCahey: Where does the name MacCahey come from?

The last name MacCahey is common throughout much of the Western world, particularly in Ireland and parts of the United Kingdom. It is believed to be of Irish origin, with numerous written records of the name dating back to the 12th century.

In modern times, the name can be found in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and North America, though typically it will be spelt MacAhee or McAhee. In the United Kingdom, the name is particularly common in Northern Ireland. There is also typically a strong showing in Scotland, where it is often spelt MacAhee or McAhee.

In North America, where the name spread widely throughout the 18th century, it is predominantly spelt MacAhee or McAhee. It can be found in most Canadian provinces, particularly in the Maritimes, Quebec, and Ontario regions, as well as in abundance in the United States. It is believed that the largest number of people with the last name MacCahey live in the United States, including many whose genetic origins can be traced back to Ireland.

Overall, the MacCahey name has a rich history in Ireland and has spread throughout the Western world. It is still widely used in modern times, particularly in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and North America.

Variations of the surname MacCahey

The surname MacCahey is derived from the Irish Mac Eachaidh, or "Son of Eachaidh". Though the original Irish form of the name may be pronounced differently, the surname MacCahey is most commonly found with its Anglicized spelling. Variants of the name include: MacAhee, MacCahay, MacCahy, MacCahie, Macachie, and MacAnaghy.

The original form of the surname, Mac Eachaidh, can also appear as MacEACHY. Common spellings of this variant include Macachie, MacAdie, and MacEachy.

The surname can also be shortened, appearing as Mac Ahie, McKahy, and Mac Ehie. Other related Irish surnames include MacAuley, MacAuly, and MacAuley.

The surname may also have been adopted by families of another origin. In Scotland, the name could also be an Anglicized form of MacCathmhaoil, derived from the Gaelic MacCathmhaoil, meaning "son of the battle-chief". Variations of this form include MacCauley, MacCaulay, MacCrea, McAuley, and MacCawley.

In Wales, the surname MacCahey could be an Anglicized form of MacCai, derived from the Welsh MacCay.

Finally, MacCahey may also appear as a variant of other surnames, including MacKee, MacKay, Mackay, and MacCaw.

Famous people with the name MacCahey

  • Bill MaCcahey: Bill MaCcahey is a Scottish musician, singer and songwriter who is best known as the lead singer and founding member of the band The Proclaimers.
  • John Maccahey: John Maccahey is a Canadian actor who is widely known for his role in the television series Slings and Arrows, Family Guy, and The Girlfriend Experience.
  • Graham Maccahey: Graham Maccahey is an award-winning singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Scotland.
  • Robert Maccahey: Robert Maccahey is a Scottish actor best known for his roles in films such as Highlander and Balto.
  • Tony Maccahey: Tony Maccahey is a Canadian producer, director, and writer who has directed films such as Porky's, Meatballs, and The Care Bears.
  • Eoin Maccahey: Eoin Maccahey is an Irish actor who is best known for his roles in films such as The Commitments, My Left Foot, and Breakfast on Pluto.
  • Michael Maccahey: Michael Maccahey is an American singer-songwriter and producer who has released six albums since 1998.
  • Sean Maccahey: Sean Maccahey is a Canadian folk musician best known for his songwriting and unique style of folk and Celtic music.
  • Catherine Maccahey: Catherine Maccahey is an American singer-songwriter and musician from New York City.
  • Malcolm Maccahey: Malcolm Maccahey is a Scottish composer, performer, and producer best known for composing the music for the movie Trainspotting.

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