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Surname Maguier - Meaning and Origin

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Maguier: What does the surname Maguier mean?

The last name Maguier is a French-Canadian family name which is believed to have originated in Normandy, a region in northwestern France. The name is thought to have originated from the Latin word macarius, meaning "priest". In the Middle Ages, it was commonly adopted by countries to denote someone who was a priest. It has since been adopted as a surname throughout Europe, and has been used by families in both France and Canada.

In France, the surname was typically associated with the gentry class and was given to noblemen and church officials. It is believed that the original Maguiers were Christian priests who served in the royalty of Normandy during the Middle Ages. The Maguiers were influential in both military and religious affairs, and held various positions at the court of the Duke of Normandy. The family were also among the prominent French families who migrated to New France in the 17th century.

Since then, the Maguier surname has remained popular in French-Canadian families. It is often found in modern French-Canadian families, especially in Quebec and Nova Scotia. The name has also spread throughout other parts of Canada and the United States, where it has been Anglicized into various spellings such as MacGwire, McGwier, McClure, or MacGury. While the name may not be very common, it still carries with it a certain air of authority and respect in many circles.

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Maguier: Where does the name Maguier come from?

The surname Maguier is primarily found in France and French-speaking countries. It is also common in some Spanish speaking countries and in parts of Central and South America as a result of Spanish immigration. The name is derived from the Latin word "magnus" (meaning "large" or "great") and can be found as a variant spelling of MacGuire, McGeer, MacGuier, Mager and McGuire.

The highest concentration of Maguier families is in the French region of Brittany and in larger cities throughout France such as Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon. Additionally, the name can be found in the Argentine provinces of Mendoza and Santa Fé.

Maguiers are also scattered throughout the United States, although the number of individuals bearing the name is significantly lower there than in France. There are significant populations in California, Florida, New York and Texas as well as other states throughout the country. There are also some Maguier households in Canada, mainly located in the province of Quebec.

In France, the name is usually spelled Maguier but in the United States, it is typically found as MacGuire, McGuire, Mager or Geoffrion. The surname has many branches and forms, all of which are likely to have evolved from a single source. Thus, there are many ways in which the name can be spelled.

Maguier is not a particularly common surname today, but it is still present in various parts of the world. Its distinctness and its historical roots make it a unique name, and one that is worth taking notice of.

Variations of the surname Maguier

The surname Maguier is of French origin and is thought to have originated within Normandy. It is often spelled in several different ways, including Maigret, Mager, Maigret, Magret, Mieger, Meger, and Maygrt. Variants of this name may also include Maguet, Maiguet, Maguore, and Maguier.

Due to the many variations of the name, it was common to have several branches of a single family bearing different surnames. Over time, some surnames may have even changed due to different localities or other factors.

Maguier is by far the most common spelling of the surname, and variations of this name that appear in different parts of the world can easily be traced back to a common ancestor. It is believed that the Maguier spelling originates from an Old French nickname for a person who owned a large quantity of land, referring to them as the "maior" or "maguier" of a region.

The surname Maguier is also found in parts of Normandy that were a part of the Duchy of Aquitaine before it was annexed by France in the 13th century. This is particularly true in the Aquitaine region of southwestern France where the spelling of the surname is often seen as Maigret, Mager, or Maigret.

In the US, it is most common for people of French descent to bear the surname Maguier, either as a hyphenated name, such as Maguier-Koch, or as a standalone surname, such as Maguier. The use of the hyphenated surname is especially common among American descendants of French immigrants who migrated from the Aquitaine region of southern France.

Additionally, some Dutch people carry the surname Maguier, although it is far less common than in French-speaking countries. In the Netherlands, the surname is often spelled as Maigret or Maiger.

Famous people with the name Maguier

  • Erin Maguire: Comedian, writer, actor, and voice artist
  • Melissa Maguire: Actress and writer
  • Chris Maguire: Professional footballer
  • Florence Maguire: Singer and songwriter
  • Thomas Maguire: Visual art and theater artist
  • Mike Maguire: Music producer and songwriter
  • Tim Maguire: Actor
  • Casey Maguire: Professional bassist
  • Michael Maguire: Film and television director
  • Stephen Maguire: Stand-up comedian
  • Brian Maguire: Professional water polo player
  • Nick Maguire: Former professional ice hockey player
  • Susan Maguire: Former English netball player
  • Beatrice Maguire: Novelist and children's book author
  • Emily Maguire: Actor and writer
  • Mary Maguire: Award-winning educator and superintendent
  • Barbaranne Maguire: Political figure and former provincial cabinet minister
  • Jean Maguire: Canadian trade union leader
  • Peter Maguire: Founding member of American rock band The Replacements
  • Augustus Maguire: English antiquarian and collector

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