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Surname Maguire - Meaning and Origin

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Maguire: What does the surname Maguire mean?

The surname Maguire is of Irish origin and is derived from the Gaelic surname "Mag Uidhir", which means "son of Odhar". Odhar is an old Gaelic personal name, typically translated into English as "dun" or "dark coloured". Therefore, the name essentially signifies "descendant of a dark-hued or swarthy person". As a family, Maguires were famous in Irish history as chiefs and princes of Fermanagh for approximately four hundred years, residing in Enniskillen. At the peak of their power, they were one of the most influential ruling families in Ulster. Interestingly, the septs (sub-branches) of this family were spread across Ireland and consequently there are many variations of the surname, some of which include McGuire, McGwire, and MacGuire. Today, it is a common surname in Ireland, particularly in Fermanagh and the surrounding counties.

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Maguire: Where does the name Maguire come from?

The last name Maguire is of Irish origin and rooted in Gaelic as “Mag Uidhir”, which translates to "son of Odhar" or "son of the dun-colored one". The name is derived from the Irish clan of Mag Uidhir, who were noted leaders and rulers in the kingdom of Fermanagh in Northern Ireland during the Middle Ages, from the ninth until the seventeenth century. Today, Maguire is common in many English-speaking countries including Ireland and Northern Ireland. It is also prevalent in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK due to the Irish diaspora during the period of mass emigration due to the Great Famine in the mid-19th century. However, the highest concentration of the Maguire surname still remains in County Fermanagh.

Variations of the surname Maguire

The surname Maguire is derived from the Gaelic "Mag Uidhir" which means "son of Odhar" or "son of the dun-colored one." The anglicized versions of Mag Uidhir include McGuire, Magwire, McGwire, and MacGuire. These variants are most commonly found across Ireland, particularly in the regions of Fermanagh, Monaghan and Cavan where the family held significant ancestral lands.

Several spelling variations of the surname have appeared over the centuries due to changes in language and translation, including Maguyre, Maguirey, and Maguyer. The usage of an apostrophe, as in the form O'Maguire, can also be seen, particularly in older documents, depicting the direct meaning of ‘descendant of’.

The Maguire clan is also connected to several septs or branches that may carry a different last name. These may include surnames like Guire. However, it should be noted that the exact relationship may be unclear given the common linguistic origins and geographic distribution of these surnames in Ireland.

Famous people with the name Maguire

  • Tobey Maguire: American actor and film producer, best known for his role as Peter Parker/Spiderman in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy.
  • Jerry Maguire: While not a real person, this character from the 1996 film "Jerry Maguire" starring Tom Cruise is one of the most notable uses of the surname.
  • Sharon Maguire: British film director, best known for directing the Bridget Jones films.
  • Sean Maguire: English actor and singer, well-known for his role in the TV series "Once Upon a Time".
  • Hughie Maguire: A professional football player from Ireland.
  • Joe Maguire: English professional footballer currently playing for Accrington Stanley.
  • Laura Maguire: Australian Olympic rower.
  • Carly Maguire: English singer, best known for her appearance on The X Factor.
  • Kerrin Lee-Gartner: Born Kerrin Anne Maguire, she is a Canadian former downhill skier and Olympic gold medalist.
  • Frank Maguire: Former Canadian parliament member.
  • Brandon Maguire: American professional golfer.
  • Conor Maguire: Well-known Irish surfer.
  • Paul Maguire: Former American football player and sportscaster. Though it should be noted that these individuals vary considerably in their degrees of fame.

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