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Surname Maguir - Meaning and Origin

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Maguir: What does the surname Maguir mean?

Maguir is an Irish surname derived from the Gaelic 'MacGearailt' which translates to 'son of Gearalt'. Gearalt is an ancient but rare name composed of the words 'gar' and 'mac', denoting a son of an honorable person. It is believed that this original Gearalt was the leader of a band of archaeologists, of what is now known as 'the Maguir's of Donegal'.

The Maguirs were settled in County Donegal, Northern Ireland for centuries, with their ancestral homes in the townlands of Gortnatraw, Killybegs, and Inver. It is believed that the earliest known records of the Maguirs can be traced to the 1500s and 1700s, when they were listed in the Tithe Applotment Book of 1798 and the Hearth Tax of 1670.

The Maguirs have a rich history in the area and were known as a tight-knit, God-fearing family. They were highly respected for their honesty and upright nature. The family members were also famous for their oral tradition, passed down through generations. They were also shrewd traders, held in high esteem for their business acumen.

The Maguir surname remains popular in Ireland and the US, symbolising their strong sense of family and loyalty to their homeland. Although the meanings of the name have been lost over the centuries, the Maguir's legacy of hard-working, honest families, passes down through the generations to today.

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Maguir: Where does the name Maguir come from?

The last name Maguir is primarily associated with Ireland and is most commonly found in that country today. The origin of the name is believed to be associated with an Irish clan known as Mag Shamhradhain, which was located in the south-western area of County Down. The name is derived from the Irish Gaelic name of Mag Shamhradaigh, which means "son of the sun."

The Maguir name is often linked to County Leitrim in the Republic of Ireland and Cavan county in the Northern Ireland. The surname is also very frequently found in the United States, especially in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas, where Irish immigrants settled during the 19th century.

The Maguir name continues to be very prominent in Ireland, especially in rural villages; however, the name can also be found in many other countries across the world. Families with the Maguir last name can be found in England, Scotland, and Australia, as well as Canada, and even some parts of Latin America.

Most people who have the Maguir last name today can trace it back to Ireland and its roots. The Maguirs are strong in their community and culture to this day, and in today’s world often serve to honor their heritage.

Variations of the surname Maguir

Maguir is an Irish surname derived from Mag Uidhir, which came from Uí Dhíomuis, an old Irish clan, meaning “descendants of Díomus”. The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for Maguir include Magee, Maguire, McHugh, McGough, Uí Dhíomusaigh, Magh Uidhir, and Maigue.

Magee is an Anglicized version of Mag Uidhir, which is a shortened version of Mag Uidhir. Magee is a very common surname in Ireland, especially in Ulster. It can also be spelled as Maghee and MacGee.

Maguire is the Anglicized version of Mag Uidhir and is derived from Mag Uidhir. Like Magee, Maguire is found in Ireland, particularly in Ulster, Scotland, and England. It can also be spelled as Maguires, MacGuire, McGwire, Magwire, Magwyer, Magwyre, Magwyer, Maquire, and Makgure.

McHugh is an Anglicized version of Mag Uidhir and is derived from Mag Uidhir. It is an Irish surname and is found throughout Ireland, notably in Ulster. It can also be spelled MacHugh, M'Hugh, MacHew, VicHugh, McHough, M'Hue, and MacHue.

McGough is another Anglicized version of Mag Uidhir and is derived from Mag Uidhir. It is an Irish surname and is most commonly found in Ireland and the United Kingdom. It can also be spelled as McCough, MacCough, MacGaugh, McGugh, M'Gough, MacGauch, Magogh, and MacGaugh.

Uí Dhíomuis is the original Irish pronunciation of Mag Uidhir. It is the name of the old Irish clan to which the surname Maguir belongs.

Magh Uidhir is another variation of Mag Uidhir and is the Irish spelling of the surname.

Maigue is an Anglicized version of Mag Uidhir and is the most commonly used spelling of the surname in the south of Ireland.

Famous people with the name Maguir

  • Melina Maguire: American artist
  • Mariana Maguire: singer-songwriter from Los Angeles
  • Joe Maguire: British television personality
  • Paul Maguire: Former NFL player
  • Audrey Munson Maguire: Former silent film actress
  • Ed Maguire: retired American professional basketball player
  • Kit Maguire: American author
  • Joe Joe Maguire: Irish former sportsperson
  • Nathaniel Maguire: early settler of Windsor, Connecticut
  • Charlie Maguire: American singer/songwriter and environmentalist

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