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Surname Mohammad - Meaning and Origin

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Unveiling the Historic Arabic and Semitic Lineage of the Surname Mohammad through iGENEA DNA

A leap into the past was made possible through the iGENEA DNA test in connection to the surname Mohammad. The results were extensive and incredibly engaging. They pointed towards an Arabian origin and unveiled a migration pattern spreading along the lines of Islamic influence. The DNA haplogroups associated with Semitic populations surfaced, substantiating the Middle Eastern connections of this prevalent surname.

G. Mohammad

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Mohammad: What does the surname Mohammad mean?

The last name Mohammad is derived from the given name Muhammad and is of Arabic origin. The original spelling of the given name Muhammad is derived from the root h-m-d which means “praise” or “commendation.” This name can also be written as Mohammed, Muhammed, and even Mohammad.

The Prophet Muhammad was the central figure of the Islamic religion and is viewed by Muslims as a messenger of God and as the last of the prophets. He was born in 570 CE and is believed to have been orphaned at a young age. After working as a merchant for some time, he began to receive messages from God that he believed were revelations that he was to preach to the people. This eventually lead to the formation of Islam and his teachings are collected in the Quran, the sacred book of Islam.

To Muslims, Muhammad is one of the most important figures in history, as his teachings embodied key principles of the faith. His life is viewed as an example for his followers to live their lives by, as he was known to be forgiving, loving, compassionate and charitable towards others. Because of these qualities, Muhammad is known by Muslims as a perfect example of a human being.

The last name Mohammad is widely used among families of Islamic faith and is a mark of respect to Prophet Muhammad and the teachings of Islam. The name is a source of pride for many Islamic individuals and signifies important values of their faith, such as peace, justice, and equality. The name is also seen by some as a tribute to the remarkable legacy of the Prophet Muhammad, and his influence on the history of Islam.

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Mohammad: Where does the name Mohammad come from?

The last name Mohammad is one of the most common surnames in the world. It is most commonly found in the Middle East and South Asia, especially in countries with majority Muslim populations. For instance, Mohammad is the most common surname in Pakistan where about 10% of the population shares it. It is also a commonly used surname in the Middle East countries of Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, and Yemen. The surname is also very popular among people from the Indian subcontinent (India, Bangladesh, and Nepal) with around 8% of the population bearing the name, and it has even spread to western countries such as the United States, France, and the United Kingdom. In the United States, it is most popular in states with large Muslim populations. Overall, the surname Mohammad is one of the most commonly found surnames today and is shared by people from many different parts of the world, from the Middle East to North America and Europe.

Variations of the surname Mohammad

The surname Mohammad is an anglicized spelling of the Arabic name Muhammad, or Muhammed. The full version of this name, in Arabic, is الحمد م حمد - pronounced "al-Ḥamdu lillāh Muhammad". As an anglicized version, the most common spelling is Mohammad, but there are several other variants, including Mohamed, Mohamad, Mohammed, and Muhammed.

The extended family of Muhammed often carry the surnames or other forms of his name, such as al-Muhammed, al-Mahmad, al-Mahdi, al-Mahmud, Mahmood, Mahomed, and Mahmud.

The common versions of the name such as Mohammad, Mohamed and Mohammed are used in countries including India, Malaysia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Singapore, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, while Muhammed is commonly used in countries such as Bangladesh, Morocco, Pakistan, and Sudan.

Due to the various spellings with somewhat similar pronunciation, the surname may be subject to confusion or misspelling, with examples such as "Mohammed" appearing for speakers from different backgrounds. In some cases, the surname may become modified over the years, resulting in an alternate form, such as "Mahmud".

Regardless of the spelling, the surname Muhammed is derived from the Arabic name for the prophet Muhammad, and is a surname commonly found throughout the world.

Famous people with the name Mohammad

  • Mohammad Fouad: Egyptian singer, composer, and actor
  • Mohammad Ali: one of the world's most famous boxers
  • Mohammad Ismail: Jordanian Olympic swimmer
  • Mohammad Shahid: Indian field hockey player
  • Mohammad Imran: Pakistani cricketer
  • Mohammad bin Salman: Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia
  • Mohammad Javad Zarif: Iranian Foreign Minister
  • Mohammad Asghar: British Member of Parliament
  • Mohammad Jawad: Afghan surgeon
  • Mohammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan: Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi

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