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Surname Mohammadpour - Meaning and Origin

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Mohammadpour: What does the surname Mohammadpour mean?

The last name Mohammadpour is typically used by Persian (Farsi) speaking people, and it is derived from the name Muhammad. Specifically, the name translates to “descendant of Mohammad”, which is an indication of respect for the Islamic Prophet who founded the religion.

Historically, the Middle Eastern region, particularly in the Persian Empire, was founded upon customs of Muslim faith and believed in maintaining a strong bond with Prophet Muhammad's companions. Therefore, it became an important ancestral name for many people of the region. It is commonly used in modern-day Iran and is sometimes spellt using two “M”’s and two “H”’s (Mohammad’H’pour).

Today, the name Mohammadpour is commonly used as a surname and still considered to be a reflection of reverence for the Islamic Prophet. Plenty of modern-day historical people have carried this surname as the main indication of their Islamic faith. Additionally, the surname is respected throughout the Persian speaking world and has been passed down from generation to generation.

Overall, the last name Mohammadpour carries a deep sense of pride and respect for the Prophet and is traditionally adopted by those of Persian and Islamic descent. In particular, it is a sign of respect for Prophet Mohammad and the customs and traditions that he established for the Islamic faith.

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Mohammadpour: Where does the name Mohammadpour come from?

The last name Mohammadpour is most commonly found in the Middle East and Central Asia. It is a large family name in Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, and German-speaking countries such as Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

In Iran, Mohammadpour is the 13th most common Iranian family name. It is most commonly used in and around the capital, Tehran. There are many variations of the name, often spelt as ‘Mohammadi’ or ‘Mohamed’. In Afghanistan, it is the 5th most common family name. In Pakistan, Mohammadpour is also found amongst the prominent Punjabi and Pashtun tribes.

In Europe, Mohammadpour has been found in certain countries for centuries. During the 1600s, many of these individuals lived in Germany, as evidenced by the records of the Holy Roman Empire. In the late 1700s, Mohammed Pours were found in the Vienna region.

Today, there are many Mohammadpour individuals living in Europe, especially in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the United Kingdom. The highest concentration of people bearing this family name is in the United States. According to the U.S. Census, there are more than 16,000 individuals with this last name.

Variations of the surname Mohammadpour

The Mohammadpour surname has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. Some of these spellings and variations include Mohammadpor, Mohammadi Pour, Mohammad Poore, Mohamadpoor, Mohammad Por and Mohammadi Pure.

The surname Mohammadpour has Iranian, Persian, Armenian, Afghan, Kurdish and Arabic origins, with variations of the name depending on the culture it is derived from.

In Iran, Afghanistan and other Persian-speaking countries, the surname is spelled as Mohammad Por. This spelling is derived from combining the Persian “Mohammad” and “Por” which means house or habitation. This spelling is likely the most common variant of the surname.

In Arabic and Lebanese speaking areas, the surname is likely to be spelled as Mohamedpour. This spelling is derived from combining the Arabic “Mohamed” and “pour” which means dwelling or house.

In Armenia, Kurdish and other Turkic-speaking areas, the name may be spelled as Mohamadpoor. This spelling is likely derived from a combination of “Mohamad”, a variant of the name Muhammad and “Poor” which means house.

In Persian-speaking countries, the surname may be spelled as Mohammadpor, Mohammadi Pour, Mohammad Poore or Mohammadi Pure. These spellings are derived from combining “Mohammad” and “por”, “pour” or “pure” meaning house.

Overall, Mohammadpour is an ancient surname falling into the patronymic category, which has both Persian, Arabic and Armenian origins and variations in spelling and pronunciations depending on the culture it is derived from.

Famous people with the name Mohammadpour

  • Rahim Mohammadpour: a famous Iranian pop, folk and classical singer-songwriter
  • Aziz Mohammadpour: an Iranian court painter of the Qajar era, renowned for his paintings of Iranian society
  • Banafsheh Mohammadpour: a renowned Iranian contemporary artist whose work has been shown in various galleries and museums worldwide
  • Jaleh Mohammadpour: an Iranian author and feminist activist
  • Fatemeh Mohammadpour: an Iranian painter and sculptor
  • Akbar Mohammadpour: an Iranian scholar and professor of philosophy, specializing in Islamic ethics and philosophy
  • Mahmoud Mohammadpour: an Iranian journalist, poet, translator and engineer with many newspapers to his name
  • Jaber Mohammadpour: an Iranian politician, cabinet minister and governor
  • Sareh Mohammadpour: an Iranian government minister, serving as secretary of the Women's Cultural Centre
  • Alireza Mohammadpour: an Iranian musical producer and film director, credited with reviving the Iranian music industry during the Islamic Revolution

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