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Surname Morawec - Meaning and Origin

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Morawec: What does the surname Morawec mean?

The last name Morawec is of Polish origin, derived from the Polish word ‘morawa’, which means ‘blackberry’. This is likely to be a surname given to someone from Poland who had made their living off gathering and selling blackberries, or most likely a nickname derived from somebody who had a berry-like complexion.

In modern times the surname may still have a connection to berry-picking, but it has a much more general meaning of ‘easy going’ or ‘carefree’. People bearing the name of Morawec may have established a reputation for being content and laid-back during life, citing a fondness of taking life one day at a time.

Like other surnames, the origins of Morawec can become further diluted over time as it experiences generational diversity and is passed through families. In some cases, the meaning of this surname may have been forgotten, with some people today not knowing the meaning behind their family name.

Morawec is a unique surname which is still heavily most popular in Poland, particularly around the regions of Wrocław, Szczecin and Gdańsk. Although this surname was typical of Polish origin, it is found in other European countries, as well as scattered populations found in the Americas and elsewhere from immigration over the centuries.

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Morawec: Where does the name Morawec come from?

The last name Morawec is most commonly found in Central and Eastern European countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, and Ukraine. Most of the modern bearers of the surname are descended from the Morawec family that lived in what is now southern Poland in the 17th century. Today, the Morawec last name is found primarily in Poland, where it is the 573rd most common name. Morawec is also fairly common in the United States, though it is much less so than it is in Poland. In the United States, the surname is mainly found in the eastern states, particularly New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Overall, the last name is most common in the United states in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Outside of the United States and Poland, Morawec is not found in sizable numbers and its presence is few and far between.

Variations of the surname Morawec

The Morawec surname has several variants, spellings, and surnames of a similar origin.

In Poland, the Morawec surname is typically spelled Morawiec, and occasionally Murawiec. Other Polish spellings include Murawec and Marawiec. Variations in spelling can also occur when used in other countries, such as Germany where the surname can take on the form Morabitz or Morawetz, and Austria, where it's spelled Muravec.

Common variations of the surname in English can include Moravitz, Moravetz, Muravecz, and Moraveck. It is also sometimes translated into English as Moravec.

Theorized to have begun as a nickname, a Patrilineal ancestor of the Morawec surname likely shared the same physical features of the bird of the same name. Included in this family tree, also, may be the Surname Murawiec, with variants including Murawec, Marawiec, and Murawicz. It too may have originated from the same name of a migratory bird species.

Additional surnames related to the Morawec surname, but less likely to be shared by the same family, include Muras, Murawski, and Murawska. As well, due to the suffix of the surname, -ewec, other surnames related to it may take a form similar to the world "morawec" itself, such as Morawczyk, Morawiecki, and Morawicz.

Famous people with the name Morawec

  • Ray Morawec: American actor who starred in Grease 2 (1982).
  • Przemysław Morawiec: contemporary Polish writer and playwright.
  • Mirko Morawec: Spanish artist best known for his surrealist, abstract paintings.
  • Elżbieta Morawec-Kita: Polish architect and sculptor who lives and works in Italy.
  • Przemysław Morawetz: Polish visual artist best known for his portraits and large scale collages.
  • Dorian Morawec: Los Angeles-based actor, director, and producer.
  • Katarzyna Morawiec: Serbian actress who has appeared in several Serbian and international films.
  • Marcin Morawiec: American jazz pianist and composer originally from Poland.
  • Andrzej Morawiec: Polish modernist painter who is known for his geometric abstract artworks.
  • Eugeniusz Morawec: Polishwindsurfing enthusiast and world championship competitor.

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