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Surname Morawez - Meaning and Origin

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Morawez: What does the surname Morawez mean?

The last name Morawez is derived from the Old German word ‘maraw’ meaning of the sea or maritime. It is thought to be the name of a place near the North Sea, indicating its inhabitants had a close association with the sea or maritime activities.

The name itself did not become popular until the 19th Century when many of the early settlers to the United States came from Germany. At this time, the name Morawez was recorded in the United States census and was quite widely spread across many areas of the country.

The root meaning of Morawez is often associated with sailing and maritime activities, indicating that the people who bore this name in the past were heavily involved with seafaring. This could be either as fishermen, traders, or even merchants, who made good use of the trade opportunities these activities brought.

The name Morawez itself can be broken down into two distinct parts; ‘mar’ – from the North German ‘maraw’ – and ‘wez’, which is thought to be derived from the West German word ‘wez’ – meaning house. This suggests that the original name holders were both inhabitants of the seas and also people of great wealth.

The meaning of this name is quite complex, with indications that the original bearers of this surname had both an affiliation with the sea, and also great material wealth. In summary, the last name Morawez represents a strong association with the sea, and an indication that the original holders of this surname arrived with great wealth.

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Morawez: Where does the name Morawez come from?

The last name Morawez is most common today in Poland and in the Czech Republic. According to the 1990 census, the surname is most prevalent in Poland, with nearly 2,000 people claiming to have the name. A further 400 people were reported to have the name in the Czech Republic.

The Morawez surname is also present in other Slavic nations, such as Slovenia, Slovakia, and Ukraine, though not in as great of numbers as it can be found in Poland and the Czech Republic.

The family name is thought to have originated in the Medieval period, when the Morawez clan was said to have controlled a great part of the Czech Republic. The Morawez family was known for its great wealth, power, and influence over the Czech region.

The surname was adopted by many members of the landed nobility around Europe, eventually leading to its spread into other countries and regions.

Today, the Morawez surname can also be found in Germany, Austria, Hungary, and the United States, though with much less frequency than in Central Europe.

The origin of the surname is still a subject of some debate, with some researchers claiming it is derived from the Czech term “morava”, or “the Mare region”, referencing an ancient Slavic region. Others suggest a connection with the German word “morawische”, or margin of the sea, signifying a family who lived near coastlines.

Variations of the surname Morawez

The surname Morawez has many different variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The most common variant is Morawetz, often found in German records. In the Czech Republic the spelling is Moravec and in Hungary Morva or Morvay.

The alternate surnames derived from Morawez are numerous and vary depending on country. In Poland the surname is spelled Morawski, in Serbia Moravac, in Croatia Morovic, in Slovakia Moravcik, and in Austria, Morawetz.

In Italy, the spelling is Muravecci, in Russia Muravev, and in Romania Muraveţ. In some cases, there may be a distinct spelling of the same surname, such as Moravik in Hungary, or Moravske in Poland.

In Romania the surname is Andrewescu, derived from the Romanian word for Andrew, Andrei. In the United States the spelling is Moravek, sometimes with a "k" suffix or "c" prefix, such as Kmoravek or Cmoravek.

Although the spelling of the surname may vary, the origin of the name remains the same, and comes from the Old Slavic personal name Moraw, which means man, or brave.

All of these variants, spellings, and surnames are derived from the same origin, and all refer to the same family name.

Famous people with the name Morawez

  • Phil Morawez: Phil Morawez is an Australian actor, musician and comedian who is best known for his appearances in the sketch comedy series “Full Frontal” and the TV series “The Straits”.
  • Ayaan Morawez: Ayaan Morawez is a professional soccer player from Egypt who currently stars for Zamalek SC in the Egyptian Premier League.
  • Sherry Morawez: Sherry Morawez is an international model of Lebanese descent and Miss Intercontinental Egypt 2019 .
  • Glenn Morawez: Glenn Morawez is a filmmaker and screenwriter known for his work on the films “The End of Time” and “The Last Of The Four Horsemen”.
  • Nick Morawez: Nick Morawez is a professional soccer player who currently plays for FC Rubin Kazan in the Russian Premier League.
  • Amber Morawez: Amber Morawez is an American television actress best known for her roles in the series “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “Beverly Hills 90210”.
  • Nadine Morawez: Nadine Morawez is an Australian fashion designer and the founder of the eponymous fashion label Nadine Morawez.
  • Anna-Lena Morawez: Anna-Lena Morawez is a German pop singer and songwriter best known for her hits “Speak Your Mind”, and “Be Among the Rest”.
  • Salma Morawez: Salma Morawez is an Egyptian actress who is best known for her role in the television series “El Cut and Paste”.
  • Sven Morawez: Sven Morawez is a German-born attorney specializing in entertainment law as well as contracts and copyright law.

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