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Surname Morawek - Meaning and Origin

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Morawek: What does the surname Morawek mean?

The last name Morawek is a patronymic name most commonly associated with Polish and Slovakian individuals, though it may also be used by individuals from other European countries. It is derived from the personal name “Moraw” which combines the Old Slavic elements “moru” meaning “death” and “vek” meaning “age.” The combined meaning of the name is therefore “mortal age,” though it is also often interpreted as “immortal age” or “eternity.”

The Morawek surname originated during Medieval times and may have been bestowed upon individuals in tribute to their grandparents. In some cases, the offspring of enemies were also given the surname to commemorate their conquest. During the Middle Ages, Morawek was a very common name, and many Moraweks became prominent individuals in their respective societies throughout Europe.

Today, the Morawek surname is still used by many individuals from the countries of their origin. It is seen as a badge of honor that has been passed down for generations, providing them with a sense of belonging and a source of pride. The family name has also been adopted by numerous people of different nationalities, though few individuals have kept the original spelling of the surname.

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Morawek: Where does the name Morawek come from?

The last name Morawek is most commonly found throughout Poland and Germany today. The surname Morawek is most likely derived from the early Slavic word moraw meaning "marsh" or "swamp". The surname was probably originally adopted by people living in areas surrounded by marshes, and eventually came to be used as a surname for many different families in the region.

In Poland, the Morawek family name first appears in historical records in the late seventeenth century. Records indicate that the Morawek family owned various estates in the Lublin region, with their most significant holdings located in the city of Kolbuszowa.

In more modern times, the surname Morawek is still fairly prevalent in Poland. Census records show that in 2018, the name was most common in cities such as Przemysl, Jaroslaw, and Tarnow. The name is also fairly widespread in Germany, although not as common as in Poland. Census records in Germany show that in 2018, the name was most common in such cities as Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich.

Overall, the surname Morawek is most commonly found today in Poland and Germany. Although the original meaning of the name is likely derived from the early Slavic term for marsh, the name is now most widely used by families living in a variety of regions.

Variations of the surname Morawek

The surname Morawek is of Polish origin and is derived from the Old Slavic name Morawik meaning "follower of the greater river,” which comes from the words “morawy” meaning “greater river" and “vit” which means “follower.” It is used in various countries across Europe, and there are several different variants in spelling and spelling variations of the name.

Common variants of Morawek are Morawski, Moravick, Morawicki and Morowitz. Other spellings of the surname include Moravicki, Moravicky, Morawicz, Morawick, Morawsky, Morawskie, Morawysky, Morawsky, Morawez, Morawiecki, Moravka, Moravkowski, and Morawski.

The surname can also be found in records of Jewish surnames in Poland, such as those with the modified spellings of Morawekz, Morawecki, Morawskie, Morawiez, Morawianie, and Morawani.

In addition, the surname has a variety of derivative surnames which have been derived from the original name. These include Morawianin, Moravac, Moravyak, Morvac, and Morvayak.

The surnames related to Morawek are quite common across Central and Eastern Europe and can usually be found under variations of the name Morawski.

Famous people with the name Morawek

  • Richard Morawek: Austrian politician
  • Fabian Morawek: Austrian Alpine skier
  • Vít Morávek: Czech football player
  • Steve Morawek: American actor
  • Tomás Moravek: Czech footballer
  • Katharina Morawek: German alpine skier
  • Benjamin Morawek: Austrian footballer
  • Jan Moravek: Czech figure skater
  • Veronika Morawek: Austrian alpine skier
  • Jan Morawek: Slovak footballer
  • Martin Moravek: Czech basketball player
  • Günter Morawek: Austrian ice hockey player
  • Sascha Morawek: German gymnast
  • Jan Morawek: Czech basketball player
  • Roman Moravek: Czech ice hockey player
  • Alexandra Morawek: Austrian figure skater
  • Pauline Morawek: Austrian singer
  • Claudia Morawek: Austrian actress
  • Jožo Moravek: Slovak actor
  • Chris Moravek: American artist

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