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Surname Pelak - Meaning and Origin

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Pelak: What does the surname Pelak mean?

The last name Pelak is believed to be of either Czech or Slovak origin. It is thought to have derived from the old Germanic personal name Pelich, which was a popular name in early Bohemia. It is likely that this name was also found in other Central European countries.

The literal meaning of the name may refer to a bald or balding person. It is derived from the old Germanic word pan or peralu, which means lacking hair. This name may have been given to those who were particularly bald or balding in comparison to their peers.

In modern times, the name Pelak is most often found in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the United States. It is a relatively uncommon surname, but is gaining popularity in recent years.

Those with the last name Pelak may be proud of their roots, which can be traced to the proud and noble people of Central Europe. They may take pride in a tradition of intelligence, creativity and independence. The name may evoke an admiration for the people's courage and determination to achieve and maintain their freedom.

The last name Pelak is an interesting and distinctive name with a long and proud history. It is a name that stands for courage and independence, and a unique glimpse into the past.

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Pelak: Where does the name Pelak come from?

The last name Pelak is most likely of Czech origin, though it may have originated elsewhere. It is not very common today, but is found mostly in the Czech Republic. The name is also found in some other European countries, including Germany, Austria, and Hungary.

The spelling of the name can vary greatly depending on dialect. Variations of the spelling include Plak, Pleak, Pelack, Pelac, and Peliak. In some cases, the "l" may have been replaced or omitted altogether, leaving only Peak or Peak. It is also sometimes spelled with an "h" on the end, which could indicate a Hungarian origin.

In the United States, the name Pelak may still appear in older documents, but it is relatively rare today. There are only a few dozen people listed with the name, most of whom live in the mid-Atlantic or Midwest states. There are some people in other countries with the name, but the vast majority of them are located in the Czech Republic.

The name Pelak is believed to be derived from a Slavic word meaning "safe" or "protected." The original name may also have meant "peaceful" or "calm." It could also be related to a Greek word meaning "rock" or "stone." Whatever its origin, today the last name Pelak is relatively rare, though it is most common among those of Czech ancestry.

Variations of the surname Pelak

The surname Pelak is of Slavic origin and is found in most Slavic countries, primarily in Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia. It is spelled in a variety of ways, including Pelak, Pelack, Pelakovich, Pelakowitz, and Pelaković.

In Croatia, the surname Pelak is found primarily in the region of Lika and is believed to be derived from the pre-Slavic word" pelak" which means "flat boulder". The surname has also been found in Synadene and Jankow, both of which are regions in Serbia.

In Slovenia, the surname Pelak is spelt as Pelak or Peljak and is derived from the root word "pelja", meaning "gulf". It is particularly common in the rural areas of Estonia, especially in the region of Lumber.

In Serbian, the surname is spelt as either Pelak or Pelaković. Pelaković is derived from the root word "pelak", which is "flat boulder", and "ović", meaning "son of". It is believed to have originated from the region of Lika, with many of the original settlers having come from Croatia.

The surname is also spelt as Pelack and Pelakowitz in many countries, though this variation is not as common. Both of these variations are believed to have originated from Croatia, and may be anglicized variants of the surname Pelak.

In conclusion, the surname Pelak is of Slavic origin and has many spelling variants as it has spread to multiple countries. These variations include Pelak, Pelack, Pelakovich, Pelakowitz, Peljak, and Pelaković, which are all derived from the original root word "pelak", meaning "flat boulder".

Famous people with the name Pelak

  • Kevin Pelak: a professional American football player
  • George Pelak: a Canadian-born painter and graphic artist
  • John Pelak: a former U.S. Congressman from Pennsylvania
  • Chris Pelak: a former MLB pitcher
  • Billy Pelak: a former NHL player
  • Todd Pelak: a retired Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Jaroslav Pelak: a professional ice hockey player from the Czech Republic
  • Jozef Pelak: a professional Slovakian football player
  • Cheryl Pelak: a former Miss Universe contestant
  • Steve Pelak: a former professional basketball player

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