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Surname Pelan - Meaning and Origin

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Pelan: What does the surname Pelan mean?

The surname Pelan is of Irish origin, deriving from the Gaelic "O Peilin." The name first appeared in counties Down and Armagh, where the family held a family seat. The name means descendant of Paílín, which is a pet form of Pól, the Irish form of Paul. The name Paul, originating from Latin Paulus, means "small" or "humble." Therefore, Pelan could indirectly mean "descendant of the small one" or "the humble one." Like many other surnames, Pelan also underwent numerous changes in spelling over time due to the translation between English and Gaelic. Different variations include Pelin, Pallin, Paulin, and Phelan. Family names serve as important links to familial history and genealogy, providing fascinating insights into the past and heraldry of the family. Remember, the interpretation of surnames is not an exact science and can be influenced by various factors including regional differences, dialects and time.

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Pelan: Where does the name Pelan come from?

The last name Pelan is most commonly found in Central and Eastern Europe. For example, there are large populations of Pelans in Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Croatia, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovenia, and Romania.

In Poland, the name Pelan is popularly associated with the Kraków region and has been in the area since at least the 1600s. Historically, the surname originated from the name Pilano, which was derived from the Gothic-Slavic word “pilen” meaning “fighting people”.

In Belarus, the Pelan name is derived from the Russian word “polena” meaning “black”, since the Pelans were known to dye fabric. In Ukraine, the surname likely arose from the word “plana” meaning “field”. In Lithuania, the name originated from the Middle East word “pailan” which meant “pleasant”.

In recent times, there has been an influx of Pelans from Eastern European countries who have moved to other countries, particularly North America, Australia, and the United Kingdom. As a result, the last name is now found in many countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Pelan

Pelan is an Anglo-Scottish surname of multiple origins. It is a derivative of the Gaelic name Ó Pilibín, which is derived from the personal name Pilibo, which in turn may be derived from a pet form of St. Philibert.

The surname may also be an Anglicised version of MacPhilbin, an Irish surname derived from Philbin, which is a Norman form of the Germanic name Philipp, meaning “lover of horses”.

Pelan is also found in Cornwall as an Anglicized version of the Breton given name Pelland, which is an old French name believed to have derived from the Latin praestissa, meaning “leader”.

The variants and spelling of the surname Pelan include Pelens, Pellens, Pillens, Pilans, Pylans, Pelon, Pelons, Pillon, Pylons, Pilon and Pylon, as well as the surnames Pelenski and Pillenski.

Overall, the history and origins of the Pelan surname are complex and varied. Many of the variants of the name refer to occupations or locations, while the origin of others is currently unknown. Although Pelan is an uncommon name today, its variants suggest multiple origins and demonstrate the ways in which names have evolved and changed over time.

Famous people with the name Pelan

  • Summer Pelan: A Canadian basketball player for the UBC Thunderbirds, Summer Pelan rose to fame playing varsity basketball for the University of British Columbia.
  • Joe Pelan: A Scottish athlete, Joe Pelan was once thatnked by the Scottish government for for his tireless work as a Firsts Teams Football Manager.
  • Axelle Jany Pelan: This French artist focuses on her painting and sculpture work, and is a professor of plastic expression at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Lille, France.
  • Asalu Pelan: An American professional boxer, Asalu Pelan will make his professional boxring debut in 2020.
  • Mike Pelan: This American actor is best known for his roles in films such as Michael Clayton and The King of Staten Island.
  • Erina Pelan: Erina Pelan is an American artist who uses a variety of mediums, including canvas, wood, and paper, to create her artwork.
  • Margarida Pelan: This Spanish architect is known for her work designing the Headquarters of Rumbo in Alicante, Spain.
  • David Pelan: A Canadian former professional ice hockey player, David Pelan played for several different teams throughout his career.
  • Jaqueline Pelan: Jaqueline Pelan is a Canadian choreographer and former principal dancer at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.
  • Jon Pelan: Jon Pelan is an American businessman and the President & CEO of Autodesk, a software company.

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