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Surname Pelargus - Meaning and Origin

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Pelargus: What does the surname Pelargus mean?

The last name Pelargus originates from the Latin language and translates literally to "a stork." It has been suggested that this name may have been given by an ancestor who was associated with a stork or perhaps was noted to have characteristics resembling a stork, such as being tall and having a long neck.

The name is also related to the ancient Greek gods, many of whom were associated with birds. The stork was associated with Hermes, the god of boundaries, transitions and the protector of travelers. This indicates that those with the last name Pelargus were thought to have characteristics similar to Hermes in some way such as being intellectually adventurous, boundary-setting but also open-minded to the possibilities of the outside world.

The stork is also known to have cleanliness and orderliness, remains loyal to the family house and was a sign of good fortune, potential health and fertility. This suggests that those bearing the name Pelargus could have qualities ranging from being family oriented, generally organized with a tendency to stay tidy and living life with the potential for good fortune.

In some cultures, the stork is also believed to be the bringers of new children and has been seen as a symbol of protection for all children. This could infer that the people with the name Pelargus are great family people, and act as guardians to protect and look out for those they care about in both life and death.

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Pelargus: Where does the name Pelargus come from?

The last name Pelargus is most commonly found today in Greece. It is an old Greek surname derived from the Greek term “pelargos” which means stork. Although not a common surname, it is prevalent in certain parts of Greece and in Greek diaspora communities in other countries.

For example, the Greek island of Aegina has the highest concentration of people with the last name Pelargus. It is found in other Mediterranean locations such as Turkey, where there is a large Greek diaspora community. Pelargus is also quite common in cities in the United States with large Greek populations, particularly those in the midwest like Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Cleveland and Cincinnati.

The Pelargus surname has a long and varied history. It dates back from Ancient Greek times and is derived from the Greek word “pelargos” meaning stork. This is reflected in the Pelargus family crest, which shows a stork, symbolizing wisdom and long life.

To this day, the last name Pelargus is still associated with the Greek culture and is a source of pride for those that carry it. It is often linked to the strong sense of community and warm hospitality of Greek-American communities, where family and friends come together to share stories and celebrate their heritage.

Variations of the surname Pelargus

The surname Pelargus is derived from the Greek language and is considered to be of ancient origin. Spellings and variants of the surname include Pelarus, Pelargos and Pellargos. It has also been spelled with the suffixes ‘ou’ or ‘os’.

In Greek mythology, it was believed that the Pelargus River acted as an artificial boundary between two worlds, the mortal world and the divine, spiritual world. This association has also been associated with the surname as well.

Surnames that derive from this origin can be found across Europe, spanning from countries such as Italy, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Bosnia. As such, there are a number of surnames across Europe that have the same root. In Italy for example, the surnames include Pellegrini, Pelliccia, Pellecchia and Pellegrina amongst others.

In Romania, the surnames Priglăuscus and Prigălăscu share the same root. Similarly, in Greece the surname Pelargou can be found, as well as its Turkish variant, Pelaroglu. Lastly, in Bosnia, the surname Prigel can also be traced back to the same origin.

To sum up, the surname Pelargus is of Greek origin and has a number of variants and spellings as well as other surnames of similar origin across Europe.

Famous people with the name Pelargus

  • Spyridon Pelargus (18th century Greek born in Zagora, Mani, the Peloponnese), a Greek sculptor and painter.
  • Moritz Pelargus (1649–1702), German physician and botanist.
  • Claude Pelargus (1705–1752), French painter, best known for his landscape paintings.
  • Pietro Lelio Pelargus (1738–1817), Italian architect and painter.
  • George Pelargus (1787–1860), British landscape painter and etcher.
  • Abraham Pelargus (1799–1850), Dutch theologian.
  • Johannes Silvanus Pelargus (1813–1873), Dutch painter, draftsman, and lithographer.
  • Pauline Pelargus (1832–1900), French painter, sculptor, and etcher.
  • Adolf Friedrich Pelargus (1847–1899), German lawyer and politician.
  • Adolphe Pelargus (1859–1933), French sculptor.
  • Margarethe Pelargus (1867–1936), German stage actress.
  • Oskar Pelargus (1893–1963), Polish sculptor and painter.
  • Karl Pelargus (1896–1976), Dutch engineer, geographer, and illustrator.
  • Klaus Pelargus (1910–1973), German architect.

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