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Surname Pelander - Meaning and Origin

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Pelander: What does the surname Pelander mean?

The last name Pelander is of Swedish origin and has several possible meanings and origins. One possible meaning is that it is derived from the Old Norse term pelandi, which means ‘path-walker’ or ‘traveler’. This origin could be linked to those who were itinerant and often traveled from one place to another.

Another possible origin of Pelander is from a farm name, derived from the word "peland". The farm name most likely comes from the Old Norse words pelandi and landr meaning "path-walker's land". This could indicate that the original bearer of this surname was a traveler who settled on a piece of land and adopted it as their own.

Pelander may also have derived from the Swedish word pelare meaning ‘pawls’ or ‘supports’ which may have been used to either describe the dwellings of the early bearers of the surname or a notable feature of the landscape.

The surname Pelander is quite uncommon but can be found predominantly in areas located in Sweden. Today, the Pelander surname is most commonly found on those of Swedish descent.

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Pelander: Where does the name Pelander come from?

The last name Pelander is mainly found in Finland. It is believed to be of Swedish origins. Although Pelander is not a particularly common name, it does appear in other parts of the world where Finnish immigrants have settled. In Scandinavia, it is found mainly in Finland, as well as Sweden. In the United States, the highest concentration of the name is found in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan States. In New York City, it is also found in small numbers. In the UK, the last name is found mainly in East Anglia and London.

In Finland, the last name Pelander is more common in the western and southwestern parts of the country, the former Swedish-speaking areas of Finland. Pelander is also a rare surname in Estonia, where it is believed to be linked to the Swedish-speaking ethnic minority.

A search on the Sweden's official demographic registry, the Sveriges Släktforskarförbund, reveals that at present, the last name Pelander can still be found in small numbers in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, and the United States.

Variations of the surname Pelander

Pelander is a name of Swedish origin. It is derived from the personal name “Pelle,” a variant of “Peter.” Other variants of spelling of the surname include Pelleander, Pellander, Pellendar, Pellandar, Pellantar, and Pellander.

Similar surnames of the same origin include Pilander, Pialander, Pilendar, Polander, Paulander, Palinder, Paalander, Plander and Pillander. All of these surnames are derived from “Pelle” and have the same origin as Pelander.

In the United States, there is also a variant spelling of the name. This variant spelling ispellander, with an extra “l” in the spelling. This variant spelling is sometimes seen in records in the United States, particularly in states with large Swedish-American populations, such as Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The surname Pelander is not very common; however, there are some notable individuals who have borne this name. These include Swedish bluegrass musician Kalle Pelander, Swedish footballer Rasmus Pelander, and Finnish music producer Mikko Pelander.

Overall, the surname Pelander has many different spellings and variants, most of which are derived from the personal name “Pelle.” The name is not especially common, but there are a few notable people who have used the surname.

Famous people with the name Pelander

  • Carl Pelander: Swedish professional golfer and three-time winner of the European Tour.
  • Maarit Pelander: Finnish female vocalist and former lead singer of the doom metal band Moonsorrow.
  • Alex Pelander: American heavy metal producer and guitarist.
  • Julia Pelander: Swedish recurve archer and World Champion in 2012.
  • Sandro Pelander: current member of the Swedish Parliament from the Centre Party.
  • Päivi Pelander: Former member of the Finnish Parliament from Oxford County.
  • Philip Pelander: American folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Paolo Pelander: Italian football defender, who most recently played for Sassuolo.
  • Gary Pelander: former American ice hockey right winger who played in the National Hockey League.
  • Peter Pelander: Swedish radio producer, composer and songwriter.

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