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Surname Poth - Meaning and Origin

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Poth: What does the surname Poth mean?

The last name Poth is of German origin, derived from the Middle High German word "poz" which means "clay pot". This suggests that the earliest ancestors of those bearing the Poth surname may have been potters during the Middle Ages.

The Poth surname is found predominantly in Central and Eastern Germany, especially in the states of Bavaria, Thuringia, Saxony, and Brandenburg. The surname is also found in Austria and Switzerland as well as Ukraine and Hungary.

In early German records, Poth was Latinized as Pothus, and the dialect versions included Poh, Poht, Pothe, Potts, and Poett.

The Poth name can be traced back to the 12th century, where a Johann Pot was recorded in the town of Wurzburg, in present-day Germany. In the mid-1500s, the family was well-established in Bavaria, where members held positions of notable social standing.

The surname Poth is also popular as a given name throughout Germany. It is oftentimes used as a tribute to the original family name.

Today, descendants of the Poth family are found throughout Europe and across the world. Still bearing the pronunciation of the original Middle High German word, they remain a prosperous and connected family spanning many generations.

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Poth: Where does the name Poth come from?

The last name Poth is a common German surname. It is most commonly found throughout Germany, as well as Austria, Switzerland, and other neighboring countries in Central Europe. Poth is also fairly common in the United States, particularly in Pennsylvania, Texas, Michigan, and New York. In the United States, Poth is the 75th most common last name; in Germany, it is the 48th most common last name.

As an occupational name, Poth is derived from Middle High German, meaning “potter.” As such, it’s likely that it first referred to someone who worked with pottery and other clay vessels in one of the many pottery-producing towns that existed in Germany during the Middle Ages.

Today, the Poth name is found all over the world due to immigration that began in the 19th century and continues to the present day. People with the name can be found in countries and regions such as Canada, South Africa, Australia, and Latin America.

Variations of the surname Poth

The surname Poth has various origins and spellings, making its history and origin rather complicated. It is a German name, though it has alternative spellings in other European languages. It also has multiple variations including Potter, Poter, and Poters.

The German version of the surname is typically spelled Pöth, which is the most commonly used variant. It is derived from the Germanic personal name Potter, meaning “potmaeker”, from Middle High German pote-maecker. This version of the surname was first used in western Germany and later spread to other parts of Europe, including France, England, and the United States, where it became more commonly used.

In France, the surname is often spelled Potiers, or Pothier, meaning the same as Pöth. In England, it is most commonly spelled Potter, derived from the Old English potere, also meaning “potmaeker”. It is also occasionally spelled Putter, derived from Middle English pute, meaning “to pour”. This version of the surname is believed to have first been used by families who were involved in pouring metals and other materials, rather than pot-making.

In the United States, the surname Poth is most commonly spelled Potter. It is also sometimes spelled as Potter, Poter, Pooter, and Potters. Some families also used the Swedish and Norwegian versions of the surname, which are Pålsson and Poter, both derived from the same root as Pöth.

Overall, it is fairly common for families to have various versions and spellings of the same surname, and the Poth name is no exception. While the different versions may vary, the original meaning remains the same – potmaeker.

Famous people with the name Poth

  • Elke Poth: Developed the morning health routine exercise
  • Erhard Poth: German theologian and professor at the Technical University
  • Werner Poth: Theologian and chair of the Protestant Church in Germany
  • Peter Poth: German opera composer and professor
  • Jörg Poth: German engineer and entrepreneur
  • Wolfgang Poth: Former President of the Higher Regional Court in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
  • Dirk Poth: Former mayor of the German town of Wesel
  • Robert Poth: Austrian physicist and professor
  • Frederic Poth: Design manager at Bosch
  • Christoph Poth: German filmdirector and cameraman
  • Kristina Poth: Austrian actress
  • Arian Poth: German footballer

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