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Surname Potgieter - Meaning and Origin

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Potgieter: What does the surname Potgieter mean?

The last name Potgieter is of Dutch and German origin, and can be traced back to the middle ages. Potgieter was derived from a place name, OTgieter and means "one who is from OTgieter". This place name is thought to have originated from two words: OT, meaning "special" and gieter, meaning "sturdy".

The Potgieter name was first used as a surname around the 15th century, when many Dutch settlers in the Netherlands began to take surnames. Over time, the surname was adopted and spread to countries such as South Africa, Australia, and the United States.

The Potgieter surname has various spellings, such as Potgeitr, Potgeeter, and Potgier. This reflects sound shifts in the language they were spoken in and the various dialects throughout time.

The Potgieter family name adds to the rich history and traditions of the Netherlands. Their legacy is still around today, as the Potgieter name is still used as a surname, and is passed down through generations. It is believed that those with the Potgieter surname are strong, brave, and capable people, reflecting the meaning of their namesake.

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Potgieter: Where does the name Potgieter come from?

The surname Potgieter is most commonly found in South Africa. It is believed that the name was originally of Dutch or German origin and was introduced into South Africa early in the eighteenth century when the Dutch East India Company sent colonists to the Cape in 1688.

According to the 2017 Statistics South Africa survey, the Potgieter surname was ranked the 33rd most common surname in South Africa. This appears to be true today, as the Potgieter surname is still quite common in South Africa. The name is also found in other countries such as New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, though, it is much less prevalent.

Since the 1800s, the Potgieter name has been associated with the Afrikaner language, culture, and politics. There have been a long line of prominent Potgieters in South Africa, from Paul Kruger, prominent Boer leader during the Second Boer War, to previous Minister of Defense F. W. de Klerk and more recently the current Minister of Health in South Africa Zweli Mkhize.

The Potgieter name remains strong in South Africa today. There are numerous Potgieter businesses, farms, and homes scattered across the country. It may also be used to refer to the language and culture of the Afrikaners. Despite the number of people who today bear the Potgieter name, it is still a relatively rare surname globally.

Variations of the surname Potgieter

The surname Potgieter is a relatively common Afrikaans surname, found in South Africa, Namibia and some other areas of Africa. The variants of this name include Putgieter, Potger, and Putgier, among others. The name is believed to be derived from the Dutch words potgieter, meaning 'pot maker'.

The surname is quite often seen in South African genealogical records, as Potgieter was one of the early settlers arriving in the country on the Dutch ships during the late 1600s and early 1700s.

Potgieter is sometimes spelt as Putgieter, Potgeter, and Putgeter, although some spell it with one 't' - Potgieter. Variations of the name are also seen, such as Putger and Putgier.

The surname Potgieter is sometimes seen in combination with other afrikaans surnames, such as Van der Merwe, Heunisch, Malan, Van Niekerk, Marais, Rheeder, and Du Plessis.

In some cases, the surname is given as Potgeiter, or Potjeeter, while it is also sometimes seen written as Pot-, or Put-, depending on the preference of the writer.

The name Potgieter is still very much in use today, in South Africa and other African countries. It is a well known surname, recognisable to most South Africans, and its variants and spellings are much the same as they would have been hundreds of years ago.

Famous people with the name Potgieter

  • Marius Potgieter: South African cricketer.
  • Occi Potgieter: South African rugby union player.
  • Mariette Potgieter: South African Mezzo soprano and actress.
  • Tertius Potgieter: South African sculptor.
  • Chris Potgieter: South African visual artist.
  • Lourens Potgieter: South African auctioneer and celebrity chef.
  • Rev Eben Potgieter: Dutch Reformed minister and leader of the NGK.
  • Rudi Potgieter: South African poet and professor.
  • Esias Zondagh Potgieter: Boer commandant who fought in the Battle of Waterkloof.
  • Hercu Potgieter: South African professional golf player.
  • Sheila Potgieter: South African sculptor.
  • Doepie Potgieter: South African jazz singer and voice-over artist.
  • George Potgieter: South African professional rugby player.
  • Oubaas Potgieter: South African rugby union player and coach.
  • Dave Potgieter: former South African squash player.
  • Moira Potgieter: South African businesswoman and lifestyle coach.
  • Hilda Potgieter: South African figure skater and TV presenter.
  • Naas Potgieter: South African actor and singer.
  • Maggie Potgieter: South African celebrity chef and food blogger.
  • Ilse Potgieter: South African jewelry maker and fashion designer.

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