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Surname Samms - Meaning and Origin

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Samms: What does the surname Samms mean?

The surname Samms is of English origin and appears to have multiple potential meanings. It might be derived from a medieval personal name, Samme, which itself is a diminutive form of names like Samuel or Samson. The names Samuel and Samson have Hebrew roots, with Samuel meaning "God has heard" and Samson meaning "sun". Thus, indirectly, the surname Samms might carry these connotations. It's also possible that Samms might be a patronymic surname, as the suffix "-s" often denotes "son of", hence it could refer to "son of Samme". However, exact interpretations can vary, and the specific meaning of a surname often depends on the family history and origins of those bearing it. Since surnames can evolve and change over time, pinpointing a definitive meaning may not always be possible.

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Samms: Where does the name Samms come from?

The last name Samms is most commonly found in the United Kingdom. It originates from Yorkshire, or northern England, and is especially prevalent around the cities of Manchester and Liverpool.

It has been suggested that the surname is derived from a place name, probably Samlesbury in Lancashire or Sambourne in Warwickshire. The first written record of the name is thought to be Adam de Samlesbury who was documented in 1280.

The name Samms is rare elsewhere in the world, but there is evidence of some families with the name migrating to countries such as Canada, United States, Australia, and South Africa in the 19th century.

In modern times, a quick internet search reveals that there are still many Samms’s living in Britain today. It appears to be most common in the English counties of West Yorkshire, Lancashire, and Merseyside.

It is possible that there are other people with the surname Samms living in other areas of the world. Although the name is historically linked to Britain, due to the migrations of the 19th century it is plausible that you could find some much further afield today.

Variations of the surname Samms

The surname Samms is usually spelled as 'Sams' or 'Sammes' in some countries. It is of Old English origin and is believed to be a patronymic variant of Sam, a shortened form of Samuel.

The variants of the surname Samms include Sam, Samm, Samme, Samms, Sammee, Sammez and Sammost. In some countries, it is spelled as Sams or Sammes. This surname is found in many countries and across various cultures.

Sammes is the most common variation of the surname Samms. It is also the oldest spelling of the surname, and it first appeared in records dating back to 1250 in England. The spelling variation Samms often occurs in North America.

Various surnames that are derived from the same root as Samms include Samnee, Samneeze, Samnel, Samnels, Samnol, Samnolle and Samnoll. These are found in a few countries including England, Australia and the United States.

The surname Samms is also sometimes anglicised into the forms Simms, Simmes and Simm. In the Netherlands, this surname is usually spelled as Simse.

Finally, the surname Samms is sometimes abbreviated as 'S.' or 'Samm' or 'Samms', especially in records produced during the 18th and 19th centuries in England.

Famous people with the name Samms

  • Russell Samms: an actor, best known for playing the role of Stan the Janitor in the film The Goonies.
  • Chad Samms: Canadian professional ice hockey player. He currently plays for the San Jose Barracuda in the American Hockey League in the USA.
  • Lorraine Samms: a Canadian television screenwriter and producer, best known for her work in television series such as Degrassi: The Next Generation and Reign.
  • Yusuf Samms: an award-winning British director, cinematographer, and screenwriter.
  • Norman Samms: a famous Canadian singer, actor and humanitarian.
  • Carlton Samms: an award-winning voice actor, known for his work in video games such as Assassin's Creed II and Grand Theft Auto V.
  • Terry Samms: a former English professional football player who played in the Football League for Notts County, Crystal Palace and Brentford, among other clubs.
  • Chris Samms: an English-born personality best known for creating the TV series Wanted: Dead or Alive. 9.Bronte Samms: Australian singer and songwriter.
  • Clair Samms: a Welsh actress, known for her roles in the TV series Torchwood and Doctor Who.

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