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Surname Sammann - Meaning and Origin

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Sammann: What does the surname Sammann mean?

The surname Sammann is of Germanic origin and is a topographic surname that belonged to someone who lived near a town or village called Sammen, which is derived from the Middle High German samon, meaning ‘sand’. The surname may have also originated as a habitational name, being derived from the place-name Sammen.

Throughout Germanic countries, Sammann has been recorded in church registers since the 15th century, with the earliest record being of Johannes Sammann of Freudenberg, Germany in 1404. The recorded spellings of the surname include Samnan, Samman, Sammann, Samano, and Samanon.

In modern times, the Sammann surname is mainly found in Germany and the United States, with fewer numbers in other countries across the world. Those who bear it are presumed to be descendants of the original Germanic tribes, with the surname having been passed on to the next generations, preserving its original meaning.

Interestingly, the variant “Samman” is still used in Germany today as a given name, and, combined with the surname, may provide an indication of early adoption of the surname as a given name, or an indication of filial loyalty.

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Sammann: Where does the name Sammann come from?

The surname Sammann is mainly found in Germany and Austria today. The name can be found in cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, and Leipzig, as well as in rural areas throughout the two countries. It's likely that the surname has stemmed from Germanic origins, though the exact origin remains unknown.

In Germany, there are still quite a few people with the surname Sammann, who are either already native to Germany or may have a recent Polish, Russian, Czech or Jewish immigrant background. Many Sammanns are also part of the growing expat community in Germany and some have connected with each other through social media.

In Austria, the surname Sammann is more common in its western part. The name is especially popular in and around Vienna, where the Sammanns tend to be descendants of the old aristocratic families who once owned land in this area. The name continues to be passed down to children through generations, making it still fairly common in Austria today.

In addition, there are Sammann families in the United States, Canada, and other English-speaking countries due to immigration. For family reunions and other occasions, many Sammanns from all around the world gather in Germany or Austria to celebrate.

Variations of the surname Sammann

The surname Sammann is of German origin and is derived from the personal name Samson. Variants of the surname Sammann include Samann, Saman, Samon, Sammon, Sammy, Samy, Saimen, Saimman, Saimin, Saemann, Saeman, Saemon, Saemonn, Saemons, Saemonz and Saemonsen. The Italian variant of this surname is Sanmani.

Matronymic surnames derived from the female version of the name Samson include Samma, Sammae, Sammanna, Sammenna, Sammannea, Sammennae, Sammonna, Sammye, Samye, Saimme, Saimmenna, Saimmenne, Saemma, Saemmae, Saemmanna, Saemmenna, Saemmannea, Saemmennae, Saemonna, Saemye, Saemye and Saemmye.

Spelling variations of Sammann also exist, such as Sämann, Sansmann and Sausmann.

The surname Sammann can also be found in other parts of Europe. Examples of these include the Czech variant Samar, the Hungarian surname Szamma, the Latvian Samans and the Polish surnames Samon and Samonowicz.

Overall, it is clear that there is a wide and diverse range of spellings and variants of the surname Sammann. Whilst all likely share a common origin, some of the variants may be found to be more geographically specific than others.

Famous people with the name Sammann

  • Christian Sammann: German actor
  • Johannes Sammann: German doctor and botanist
  • Lars Sammann: German actor
  • Alfred Sammann: German cartographer and geographer
  • Christina Sammann: German actress and singer
  • Karl Sammann: Austrian lawyer and politician
  • William Sammann: American Major League Baseball player
  • Edith Sammann: German theater actress
  • Anne-Marie Sammann: German actress
  • Heinz Sammann: German Olympic rower

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