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Surname Sammler - Meaning and Origin

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Sammler: What does the surname Sammler mean?

Sammler is a German surname that is derived from the word 'sammeln', which means 'to collect'. This suggests that individuals with the Sammler surname were likely traders, merchants, or collectors either of goods or some type of specialty. In Europe, many individuals with this surname come from areas with a Jewish heritage.

The Sammler name is found in many other countries around the world, and it is believed to have originated from Germany. It was likely taken on by immigrants as they moved to other countries, and over time it has been adopted by other ethnic backgrounds.

In the United States, the Sammler surname is most common in large cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. It is also found in some states along the East Coast, such as Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

In some parts of Europe, particularly in Germany, this surname is still associated with trading or collecting of goods. In modern times, however, individuals with the Sammler surname usually hold regular occupations, such as accounting, engineering, teaching, or medical professions.

Overall, the Sammler surname is strongly rooted in European heritage, and it is still quite common in many countries around the world. It is believed to have originated from the Germany, and is most likely associated with trading, collecting, or merchant-type professions in the past. In modern times, it is seen as a general surname found in many countries.

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Sammler: Where does the name Sammler come from?

Sammler is a German surname most commonly found in parts of the United States, Germany, Austria, and other parts of Europe. In the United States, the largest concentrations of Sammler are found in New York and Pennsylvania. The name also appears in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as other countries around the globe. For example, it is a common surname in South Africa, where it is most prevalent in the Western Cape Province.

The origin of the name Sammler is not clear; it could be derived from an old German name, or it may be derived from the profession of a collector. Indeed, the name was once closely associated with Jewish communities in Eastern Europe who worked as collectors; based on documents from the late 18th century, it appears in places such as Lithuania and Latvia.

Today, the name Sammler is still common in places around Europe and the United States, though its distribution is far more widespread. It is also still tied to the profession of a collector or a trader, with Sammler’s in Germany often working as buyers or sellers of coins and stamps from expired or rare collections.

In recent years, the prevalence of the name Sammler has declined in some parts of Europe, while it is still quite popular in the United States. Thus, the name continues to be a relatively common surname today in various parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Sammler

The surname Sammler is known by several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These variants are Sammeler, Sammel, and Sameler. These spellings are typically found in German speaking countries such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

The surname Sammler is also known by alternate spellings including: Sameler, Samier, Sameler, Samera, Sammerer, Samell, Sammlar, and Sammlur. Although most often seen in German speaking countries, this surname may also be found in other countries due to immigration.

Sammler can be translated to “collector” or “gatherer” in English, and it is likely derived from the Middle High German word “sammeln” which similarly means to “gather” or “collect”.

Variant surnames of the same origin as Sammler include Sammlung, Sammleher, and Sammasser. These surnames are believed to have originated from the similar root word sammeln, which again means to “gather” or “collect”.

Other surnames likely of the same origin as Sammler include: Sammlein, Sammele, Sammele, Sammelmacher, Sammelmeier, and Sammelmilch.

In conclusion, Sammler is a German surname originating from the Middle High German word “sammeln” meaning “gather” or “collect”. There are a number of variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin, including Sammeler, Sammel, Sameler, Samier, Sameler, Samera, Sammerer, Samell, Sammlar, Sammlur, Sammlung, Sammleher, Sammasser, Sammlein, Sammele, Sammele, Sammelmacher, Sammelmeier, and Sammelmilch.

Famous people with the name Sammler

  • Mareike Sammler: German actress
  • S.L. (Stephen Lloyd) Sammler: American author
  • Enid Sammler: American actor
  • Joachim Sammler: German actor
  • Christiane Sammler: German operatic soprano
  • Max Sammler: Belgian operatic tenor
  • Rachael Sammler: American actress
  • Helmut Sammler: German actor
  • Marie Sammler: German actress
  • Manfred Sammler: Austrian-American animation director

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