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Surname Sande - Meaning and Origin

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Sande: What does the surname Sande mean?

The last name Sande is a patronymic surname which originated in the northern regions of Spain, specifically in the regions of the Basque Country, Navarra, and the Cantabrian Coast. It is derived from the Basque and Spanish personal name 'Santi', which is a short form of 'Santiago'. The literal meaning of the name 'Santi' is "Saint".

In some cases, the name Sande may be derived from the Spanish personal name ‘Sanz’ which is pronounced the same. This name is a translation of the Latin word sanctus which means ‘holy’ or ‘sacred'. This is because the older version of the name Santiago was ‘Sanctius Iacobus’. The name Santiago eventually evolved into the shorter form, 'Santi'. This is the basis for the patronymic surname Sande.

People with the surname of Sande often come from an extended family which can be traced back to the 16th century. The early recorded bearers of the name Sande were Telleo Sande, who is thought to have lived in Asturias circa 1555, and Juan Sande who in 1567 was recorded as living in Vizcaya.

The surname Sande is most commonly found in Basque Country, Navarre, and in the areas of Cantabria. It is also found in the countries of Peru, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, and Venezuela.

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Sande: Where does the name Sande come from?

The last name Sande is a patronymic surname primarily found in Scandinavia, specifically Norway. Sande is derived from the Old Norse personal name Sandi and is an alternate spelling of Sanders, which can be found in Germany, England, and Scotland as well.

Today, Sande is most commonly found in Norway. As of 2020, it is the 1012th most common surname with over two thousand Norwegians carrying the name. It is most concentrated in Oslo county, ranging from the city of Oslo, the capital of Norway, all the way to the south of the country. Sande is also quite common in the Møre og Romsdal region and in Agder, as well as the Telemark and Vest-Agder regions.

Due to its Scandinavian origins, Sande is relatively uncommon outside of Scandinavia, although it does appear in records in Canada and the United States. It can also be found in various countries in Europe, making it a very global surname.

Variations of the surname Sande

The surname Sande originates from the Scandinavian languages including Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian.

The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin as Sande are Sanna, Sand, Sanders, Sandar, Sander, Sanderen, Sanderz, Sander-Lund, Sandes, Sanderin, Sanden, Sanderson, Sandez, Sanderling, Sanderson, Sands, Sandstrøm, Sandsteff, Sandvik, Sandvold, and Sandvig.

In Danish, Sande is derived from the Danish word for ‘sandy’, sand. People living near sand was likely to have taken this surname, as a reference to their current residence.

In Swedish, the surname Sande is derived from Swedish variants of Sand, often with the suffix -en indicating patronymic origin. This could be an indication of either the father’s first name or of the place of origin.

In Norwegian, Sande is derived from the common Norwegian word for sand, also sand. Norwegian names often have the suffix -sen, indicating a patronymic origin, similar to the the suffix -en in Swedish.

No matter which language, the Sande surname likely indicates that an ancestor was found in a sandy area, either a region or a residence. Sande is likely an old Scandinavian surname that is widely spread across the region. It could be found in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and it is possible it is also found in other countries with Scandinavian roots.

Famous people with the name Sande

  • Ane Brun: Norwegian songwriter, guitarist and vocalist
  • Chris Sandé: American singer, songwriter and record producer
  • Cat Sande: Norwegian comedian and actress
  • Sean Sande: EU-based technology executive and entrepreneurial
  • Kirsten Sande: Norwegian figure skater
  • Asmund Sande: Norwegian politician
  • Ruth Sande: American writer and publisher
  • Martin Sande: Norwegian computer scientist and professor
  • Monica Sande: Norwegian painter
  • Charles Sande: Norwegian journalist 11. Odd Sande: Norwegian novelist
  • Reidar Sande: Norwegian arctic explorer
  • Karl Sande: Norwegian military officer
  • Lars Sande: Norwegian artist
  • David Sande: Canadian songwriter and producer

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