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Surname Sandel - Meaning and Origin

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Sandel: What does the surname Sandel mean?

The last name Sandel is of German origin and is an occupational name for someone who was a cobbler or shoemaker. The name is derived from the German word "schandele," which means patch. It comes from the Middle High German word "sandel," which also means cobbler or shoemaker.

The name is a common one around Germany, particularly the eastern region. Records suggest that people with the surname Sandel were living in the region for centuries before the 17th century.

More recently, Sandel is a particularly common surname in Chapman County, Iowa in the United States. According to the 2000 census, almost 20 families were living in the county with this last name. It is possible that these families are descended from an immigrant who moved to the United States from Germany.

The surname Sandel is also linked to families in other countries, including Israel and Canada. In Israel and Canada, people with this last name are likely either American or German immigrants.

The Sandel name has a rich and varied history. Not only is it linked to people who were cobblers by trade, but it is a name that is shared across the world by those who have chosen to spread their name and culture through migration.

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Sandel: Where does the name Sandel come from?

The last name Sandel is quite common today, and is primarily found in many European countries. It can be found in France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Czech Republic. In the United States, the last name Sandel is common in the midwestern states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa, especially in and around the cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul, Madison, and Milwaukee. In Canada, it is commonly found in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, particularly in and around the cities of Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa.

Examining the etymology of the surname Sandel, it is derived from the old French word “sandele” which translated to mean “little sand”. This likely refers to a geographical location found near a body of water, such as a lake, river, or ocean. The Sandel surname can also be traced back to Old German, and was likely adopted by settlers from the Germanic tribes who migrated to these regions centuries ago.

The Sandel surname continues to be quite popular today, although it may be spelled slightly differently in different countries. Variations include Sandel, Sandell, Sandal, Sandahl, and Sandall, or any other permutation of the name.

Variations of the surname Sandel

The surname Sandel is derived from a variety of different sources and can have a variety of spellings and surnames depending on the place and time of origin.

Variant spellings of Sandel include Sandel, Sondel, Zondel, Sondle, Sondell, and Sondler. This surname is derived from either the Old German word “sundul”, which means “forgotten”, or the French “santel” meaning “piteous”.

The Swedish version of Sandel is Sandahl, while the Polish version is Sandel and the Dutch version is Sandal.

One of the most common surname variations is Sandomir, which is derived from the town of Sandomierz in Poland. Sandimierz is the Polish spelling of the name.

In Germany, Sandel can be spelled as Sondel or Zondel and sometimes as Sandmaier.

Surnames of the same origin as Sandel include Sander, Santer, Sansor, Santor, Zender, Saunders, and Saunier. In some cases, the surname has been changed to Sanden or Sanderson.

Other surnames of the same origin are Santra, Sandill, Sondalli, and Sandol.

The Italian and Portuguese versions of Sandel are Sandoli and Sendel. And, in Russia, the spelling is Zandol.

The surname is also derived from the Greek word “sandal” or “sandalos”, meaning a shallow cup, or an aromatic shrub. In this case, the surnames are Sandillos, Sandallos, and Sandalas.

Famous people with the name Sandel

  • Michael J. Sandel: Harvard professor and author of “Justice” and “What Money Can’t Buy”
  • Lori Sandel: American actress
  • Roger Sandel: American singer-songwriter
  • Mark Sandel: American politician
  • Nick Sandel: British actor
  • Cyndi Sandel: Canadian-born actress
  • Traian Sandel: Romanian athlete
  • Jillian Sandel: American Voice Actress
  • Letitia Sandel: Italian-American actress
  • Sandra Sandel: French-American author
  • Eduard Sandel: Estonian artist
  • Arne Sandel: Norwegian jazz violinist
  • Sigurd Sandel: Norwegian theologian
  • Marie Sandel: Danish composer
  • Ann Sandel: American painter
  • Uffe Sandel: Danish architect

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