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Surname Sandering - Meaning and Origin

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Sandering: What does the surname Sandering mean?

The last name Sandering is most likely of Dutch origin and is believed to be derived from the Dutch word “sanderen” which means “to sow”. Sandering is an occupation-based surname, which suggests that the original bearer of the name was a farmer or laborer who tilled the soil.

The use of the name Sandering may have originated in the early 13th century. During this time, families began taking on names that were associated with occupations, to distinguish themselves from others and make it easier for legal paperwork. By using toponymic surnames, families could also proclaim their place of origin.

The Sandering surname has been documented in various records throughout history. In 1490, Tyler Sandering was a witness to a transport agreement in East Anglia, England. His family must have had some wealth or standing in the community in order for him to be chosen for such a task. Other records include Jan Sandering of North Holland in the year 1643, and Johannes Sandering from Gelderland in 1745.

Today, the surnames Sandering and Sanderling are both used in the Netherlands. They also appear as variations for surnames in various countries such as Germany, the United States, and more recently, parts of Australia.

The name Sandering is a reminder of the hardworking individuals who began the tradition of tilling the soil and who took on surnames based on their professions. It is now a testament to the families and individuals who have cherished this surname over many centuries.

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Sandering: Where does the name Sandering come from?

The last name Sandering is a surname of German origin, but today it is common in many countries around the world. In Europe, it is especially common in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. In the United States, the surname is most commonly found in Maryland, Wisconsin, and California, and is especially popular in the states of New York and Pennsylvania. In Canada, the last name is most commonly seen in Ontario and British Columbia.

Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa all have significant populations with the last name Sandering; in Australia, it is most commonly found in Victoria and New South Wales. In the Caribbean, it is extremely popular in the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, and Jamaica.

In Latin America, particularly Mexico, El Salvador, and Guatemala, the last name is quite prevalent. Finally, descending into Asia, countries such as India, Indonesia, and China host populations with the last name Sandering. These populations often have strong German heritage going back to the many migrations to and from Germany and the surrounding countries.

So while the last name Sandering may have originated from Germany, it is now a common sight in many parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Sandering

The surname Sandering can be spelt and found in a variety of ways. Different variations, spellings and surnames of Sandering can include Sanderring, Sandering, Sanderink, Sanderling, Zanderring, Zanderling, Zandercroon, Sanderroon and Sondering, to name a few. These can appear and be spelt differently depending on records and regions.

Sanderring is often included in the list of spellings to the surname Sandering. This spelling can be found mostly in North Holland, in regions of the Netherlands, and in the Palatine regions of Germany. Sandilerijn, Sanderini, Sanderini and Sanderinck are also spellings used in North Holland according to records.

Sandering is the traditional spelling found first in records, and is believed to be the original spelling. This spelling began appearing in Germany in the 12th century. It can then be found around Utrecht, in the Gelderland region of the Netherlands in the 17th century. Sanderling is also a traditional variant of the spelling, mainly found in Germany.

Zanderring is a spelling variation most associated with Finland, while Zanderling is also found in records from this region. Zandercroon and Sanderroon are other spellings found in northern and western Germany. Sondering is yet another spelling variant, which is mainly found in the Rhineland, but also around the Netherlands.

In conclusion, there are many different spellings, variants and surnames associated with the name Sandering, originating from countries like Germany and Finland. However, the traditional spelling of the surname appears to be Sandering.

Famous people with the name Sandering

  • Carlos Sandering: Brazilian industrial engineer and politician.
  • William Sandering: Canadian actor and comedian.
  • Gabriela Sandering: Brazilian actress and TV host.
  • Nathalie Sandering: Dutch actress, voice actress and singer.
  • Marcelo Sandering: Brazilian footballer.
  • Matthias Sandering: Danish footballer.
  • Courtenay Sandering: American actress.
  • Yvonne Sandering: Dutch singer and actress.
  • Wallace Sandering: American physicist.
  • Cheyenne Sandering: American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

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