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Surname Savard - Meaning and Origin

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Savard: What does the surname Savard mean?

Savard is a surname of French origin. It is derived from an old French term ‘savart’ or ‘sabart’, which means 'sly' or 'cunning' in English. The surname might have originally been used as a nickname for someone who was known for their cleverness or shrewdness. Over time, like many such descriptive terms, it evolved into a family name passed down through generations. So, the original bearers of this surname might have been known for their intelligent and crafty characteristics. However, as a surname in the present day, it doesn't have any particular meaning associated with the personality or characteristics of the person bearing it. The name is quite popular in French-speaking regions such as Québec in Canada. Notable people with the surname Savard include Canadian ice hockey players Serge Savard and Denis Savard.

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Savard: Where does the name Savard come from?

The last name Savard is quite common in many countries today, with a combination of French and Canadian origins. The most common countries of origin are France (where it is believed to have originated), Canada (where it was brought to by immigrants from France) and the United States (where it was brought by immigrants from both France and Canada).

It is estimated that more than 100,000 people with the name Savard currently live in France, with the majority of them residing in the south of the country, especially in the departments of Pyrénées-Orientales and Aude.

In Canada meanwhile, particularly in the province of Québec, it is estimated that more than 50,000 people with the name Savard currently reside. The provinces of Ontario and New Brunswick also feature a sizeable concentration of people with the name Savard.

In the United States, it is estimated that more than 40,000 people with the name Savard currently reside. Most of them are found in the states of Massachusetts, California, Michigan and Maine.

Overall, the last name Savard is quite common today, with more than 200,000 people across the world bearing the name.

Variations of the surname Savard

The surname Savard (also spelled as Savart, Sauvart, Savà, Savardin, and Savarde) is a French surname derived from the Old French "fornart" meaning "craftsman" or "artisan". It is believed to have appeared most prominently in northwestern France.

The spelling of the surname Savard is believed to have been established by the 17th century, while other variants of the surname such as Savart, Sauvart and Savà were established by the 18th century. Savardin and Savarde are also variants of the same name.

Savard is a popular surname in France and other parts of Europe. In France, it is particularly common in Brittany and Normandy, which were regions influenced by ancient Celtic traditions. In the United States, the name is also very common, most likely due to French American immigration in the 18th and 19th centuries.

In Canada, the surname Savard is most commonly found in the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick, as French-Canadian settlers first arrived in these regions during the same century as the American counterparts. The same is true of other variants, such as Savart and Savà.

This surname can also be found in French-speaking countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and parts of Africa such as Algeria and Morocco. The Savard family is also believed to have origins in Germany, with some branches of the family name originating in the city of Konstanz.

The surname Savard is one of the oldest French surnames, with a rich and varied history associated with it. It is believed to have originated more than 1000 years ago and is still a popular surname today.

Famous people with the name Savard

  • Jocelyn Savard, Canadian actor
  • Éric Savard, Canadian NHL player
  • Joseph-Arthur Savard, Canadian Olympic boxer
  • Serge Savard, Canadian NHL player
  • René Savard, Canadian politician
  • Line Savard, Canadian Olympian in athletics
  • Ronald Savard, French actor
  • Eloi Savard, Canadian actor
  • Nathalie Savard, Canadian cinematographer
  • André Savard, Canadian NHL coach/GM

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