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Surname Savaria - Meaning and Origin

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Savaria: What does the surname Savaria mean?

The surname Savaria doesn't have a specific meaning that can be traced easily as it possibly stems from various origins. It might be geographical, derived from a place where the original bearer lived or had land.

One of the possible sources could be the city of Szombathely in Hungary, which was known as Savaria in ancient times, being one of the oldest recorded cities in Hungary. There's also a place called "Sárvár" in Hungary, which could have contributed to the spelling.

The name could also be Italian in origin as "savaria" is found in Italian texts, where depending on context, it may mean "rough" or "raw". The name might be occupational, relating to the work of the bearer's ancestors, or descriptive, pertaining to a personal trait.

However, without a thorough genealogical research, it's hard to pinpoint the exact origin or meaning of the surname. Like many surnames, the exact meaning may have been obscured over time due to changes in language and culture.

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Savaria: Where does the name Savaria come from?

The last name Savaria is most commonly found in France today. However, there are many other countries where the surname can be found, including Canada, the United States, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The French version of the name is Savary.

In France, many Savaria family heirs can trace their Ancestry back to the Languedoc area, as French Huguenots, who emigrated mainly to North America throughout the 1600s and 1700s. The name is likely derived from Savaric, an old French form of the Latin name Sabinus, which means Sabine, or a person who is of Samnite origin.

In Canada, the name is most prevalent in Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec. According to the Canadian Census of 2001, there are just over 200 people with this name living in different parts of the country. Additionally, the US Census also records over 800 people with the last name Savaria.

Today, the Savaria name is still strong in France, Canada and the United States. Research shows it is most commonly found amongst families of French descent, with a strong Huguenot heritage. Additionally, it is a reminder of the many sacrifices made by the Savaria family when they left their homes in France in search for a better life.

Variations of the surname Savaria

The surname Savaria has various spellings and variants which include: Sabaria, Sabaryn, Savary, Savarie, Savarese, Savary, Savarys, Savorese, Savoy, Savoye.

The source of this surname is typically Italian, French, and Spanish, and specifically hails from the Italian city of Savona, located in the province of Liguria. It is believed the surname was adopted by Italian families who resided in Savona, and is likely derived from the city's name.

There are a number of Italian and French noble families who have carried this surname. For instance, the Savary family of France, who can be traced back to the 16th century, was wealthy and of considerable political influence in the region.

In modern times, members of the Savaria family will probably be found in Italy, France, and other countries around the world. There is also a Savoy-Sardinian region of Italy, which lies at the eastern border of Liguria and includes the cities of Savona, Parma, Modena and Piacenza.

People who adopt this surname may well share a common ancestry, and the root of the surname is still visible in Italy, France, and other countries throughout the world today.

Famous people with the name Savaria

  • Réjean Savaria: Canadian jazz pianist
  • Kino Savaria: Venezuelan climber and mountaineer
  • Dany Savaria: Canadian singer-songwriter
  • André Savaria: Canadian sport shooter
  • Richard Savaria: Canadian Olympian in rowing
  • Mathieu Savaria: Canadian actor
  • Luc Savaria: Canadian film director
  • Nadeau Savaria: Canadian swimmer
  • Pierre Savaria: Canadian opera singer
  • Peppi Savaria: American boxer of Italian decent

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