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Surname Savary - Meaning and Origin

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Lost and Found: Unveiling Savary's lineage through DNA test

An inquisition into my ancestry led me through a maze of surprising revelations. Through the DNA findings by iGENEA, I discovered my ancestors, the Savarys, have a Celtic and Sephardic Jewish past, morphing my self-understanding and affirming my inherent resilience.

X. Savary

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Savary: What does the surname Savary mean?

The surname Savary is of French origin, believed to be derived from the Old French word "sauvarie", meaning 'place where willow trees grow' or 'willow grove'. It is thought to have originated as a topographic or an occupational name for someone who lived by or worked in a willow grove. The willow tree, 'saule' in French, was a symbol of sadness and mourning, but also had medicinal uses in traditional remedies as its bark contains salicin, a substance that led to the creation of aspirin. However, the name could also be linked to the place-name Savary, locations in France. Like many surnames, the exact derivation can vary and it may have different origins in different regions. As with all surnames, the distribution and spelling of the name have evolved over the centuries, and it may have various alternate spellings. Today, the name is found in many countries around the world, reflecting the currents of history, migration, and cultural interchange.

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Savary: Where does the name Savary come from?

The last name Savary is most commonly found in France today. It is a patronymic name, derived from the medieval nickname “Sauvage”, which translates to “wild”, and was often used to describe people who were unrefined or untamed. There are various spelling variations of the name, such as Savary, Sauvage, Sauve, and Savoire. According to the records from the National Institute of Statistics of France and the French Census information from 1905 to 1925, Savary is among the top 100 last names in France, and it is abundant in several of the French provinces, such as Burgundy, Lorraine, Auvergne, and the Centre-Val de Loire.

The Savary family is first found in Burgundy, recorded in the area prior to the 12th century. It is believed that the family took its name from Saint Sauveur de Rouen, who was the patron saint of the Norman city of Rouen, which was founded at the end of the eleventh century. During the Middle Ages, the Savary family became powerful Lords of several fiefdoms, and their influence spread throughout France.

The name is also found in several other countries, such as Canada, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It is believed that the Savary name emigrated from France to North America during the mid-19th century. Today, the Savary family continues to spread its influence across the world.

Variations of the surname Savary

The Surname Savary is a proud and ancient one, which can be traced to Medieval France and Normandy. It can be found in various variants or spellings, such as: Savari, Savior, Savor, Savour, Savoir, Savore, Savoir, Savay, Savaye, Savoy, Savoye, Savy, Sawary, and Savaray. It can also take the form of a patronymic, such as Sauvage, Sauvageau, Sauvager and Sauvageot.

The name can be traced back to the Gallo-Roman Sauveur family, a name which is derived from the Latin term salvare, meaning 'to save'. In the french-speaking regions of Europe, it adopted the spelling of Sauvé or Sauveur, which is thought to have eventually evolved into the Savary variant. The name can also be found as a patronymic of the French word sauvage, meaning 'wild' or 'untamed'.

Over through centuries, the name spread from France to the Low Countries, parts of Scandinavia and Switzerland, and eventually to the British Isles. In England, the surname Savary is mainly found in East Anglia in counties such as Norfolk, Suffolk, and Cambridgeshire. It is also present in parts of the United States dating back to the 18th century, mainly found in New England and the Mid-Atlantic states.

The Savary surname is one with a proud and long history, with many variants and spellings which are all descended from the same sources. Through centuries of migration, it has spread across the world, yet still retains a strong presence in its original homeland of Normandy, France.

Famous people with the name Savary

  • Frédéric Savary, French biathlete and long-distance runner
  • Jean-Paul Savary, French film director and screenwriter
  • Jacques Savary, French pioneer balloonist and aeronaut
  • Jacques Certan de Savary, French lawyer and professor
  • Charles Savary, French mathematician and historian
  • Jean Savary, French military officer during the American Revolutionary War
  • Emily Savary, French figure skater and competitor in the 2022 Winter Olympics
  • Auguste Savary, French politician and mayor of Paris
  • Julien Savary, French professional tennis player
  • Cassandre Savary, French cultural anthropologist and author

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