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Surname Savart - Meaning and Origin

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Savart: What does the surname Savart mean?

The surname Savart appears to be of French origin, but its exact meaning is not clear. Like many surnames, it may refer to a geographical location, an occupational title, or a personal characteristic or feature of the original bearer. The name is notably associated with the French physicist Félix Savart, who co-developed the Biot-Savart law in electromagnetism. Despite its association with a prominent figure in science, the surname Savart is relatively rare. In-depth research on regional French historical and etymological documents would be necessary to determine a more accurate meaning of this surname.

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Savart: Where does the name Savart come from?

The Savarts surname is most common today in France. Research finds that the largest concentration of the Savarts surname is in the region of Brittany in the northwest corner of the country, with a significant amount of Savarts also found in other areas in the Center-West and Southwest regions, and more parts of France.

The Savarts surname originates from the medieval French personal name Savart that itself comes from the Latin personal name Sabartha. The same source identifies that it may also have come from an occupational name, most likely derived from the word for “furrier.” This all suggests that the Camerfort at the foot of Saint Michael Bay in Brittany is where the first Savarts settled in the 12th century.

Though France is the primary location for the Savarts surname today, there are some Savarts that can be found in the United Kingdom, Canada, and even the United States. It seems that those who bear the Savarts surname spread to different parts of the world in stages, beginning first in France then later in the 19th century to the New World.

Today the Savarts surname can be found in France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and many other parts of the world. Common variations of the surname include: Saveard, Sauvaret, Savert, Savard, and Savord.

Variations of the surname Savart

The surname Savart has several variants, spellings and surnames derived from the same origin.

Variants of the surname Savart include Savay, Savarta, Savat, Savate, Savatt, Savattier, Savard, Saverd, Saverdt, Saverie, Sauvaret, Sauvaire, Sauvay, Sauvayre, Sauve, Sauver, Sauvey, Sauviert, Savry, and Savor.

Savard occurs most frequently in France, while Saverd and Sauve are found mainly in the U.S.

Spellings of the surname Savart include Savar, Savarre, Savarra, Sabar, Sevarr, Savartte, Savort, Savarte, Savarte, Savartee, Savartt, Savarte, Savry and Savrye.

Surnames derived from the Savart surname include Savary, Savara, and Savory.

Savary occurs most frequently in France, while Savara and Savory can be found in the U.S.

The surname Savart has many variant spellings and surnames derived from the same origin, each of which appear in different countries and regions around the world. In France, the name is most commonly seen as Savard, while in the U.S. the variants Saverd and Sauve are more common. Spellings of the name include Savar, Savarre, Savarra, Sabar, Sevarr, Savarte, Savort, Savarte, Savarte, Savartee, Savartt, Savarte, Savry and Savrye, while surnames derived from Savart are Savary, Savara, and Savory.

Famous people with the name Savart

  • Jean-Sylvain Savart- a French physicist
  • Claude Savart- a French astronomer
  • Léonard-Pierre Savart- a revolutionary mathematician
  • Adrien-Marie Legendre- an influential French mathematician
  • Flavien Savart- a French chemist
  • Odilon Savart- a French artist
  • Constance-Marie Savart- a French writer
  • Laurent-Georges Savart- a French philosopher
  • Piero Savart- an Italian actor
  • Ciro Savart- an Italian politician
  • Lesley-Ann Savart- a Trinidadian singer
  • Shanna Savart- an American singer and songwriter
  • Stephanie Savart- an American actress and model
  • Jérôme Savart- a French film producer and actor
  • Germaine Savart- a French painter
  • Jean-Michel Savart- a French composer
  • Alexandrine Savart- a Swiss businesswoman
  • Gaëtan Savart- a Belgian footballer
  • Jean-Baptiste Savart- a French writer
  • Enrique Savart- a Spanish novelist

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