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Surname Schöpper - Meaning and Origin

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Schöpper: What does the surname Schöpper mean?

The last name Schöpper is of German origin and is believed to mean “steward” or “bailiff”. This implies that the original bearer of the name was a manage or administrator of an estate owned by a nobleman or a local lord. The name may also have referred to a person employed in various official roles related to law or justice, such as a court messenger or bailiff or even a customs officer.

It is likely that the Schöpper surname emerged during the Medieval period of history, a time in Europe when many people adopted hereditary surnames. This surname was likely taken from the profession of its original bearer, who was likely either a court official or a manager of nobleman’s estate.

The earliest known recorded occurrence of the Schöpper surname in Germany is from 1408 in the region of Brandenburg. Since then, the name has been recorded in various parishes across the country. The Schöpper surname can still be found most prominently in the German states of Niedersachsen, Rheinland-Pfalz, and Bayern.

Today the Schöpper surname is found globally, with many people bearing the name settling in various countries across Europe, in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. However, it still remains the most common in regions of Germany where the surname originated many centuries ago.

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Schöpper: Where does the name Schöpper come from?

The last name Schöpper is most commonly found today in Germany, especially in the northern regions. Schöpper is a fairly rare name outside of Germany, however it is known to have been found in countries like the United States and Great Britain, specifically in areas with significant German immigrant populations. The surname most likely originated in Germany and is usually found in the region of Bavaria.

In the German language, the word Schöpper is derived from the noun 'Schöppe' which translates roughly to 'scooper'. This could suggest that the original bearers of the surname were involved in some way with the trade or profession of scooper. The suffix 'er' simply indicates that the associated noun belongs to the mentioned person.

The rise in the usage of the Schöpper surname in Germany can most likely be attributed to the rise of surnames in Germany. This was a gradual process that took place over hundreds of years, as people began to take on the name of their father, grandfather, or an occupation. Today, there are a few variations of this surname including Schöppner and Schöpperling. Despite its relative rarity, the Schöpper name can still be found in Germany, as well as parts of Europe, the United States, and Canada.

Variations of the surname Schöpper

The surname Schöpper is German in origin and is derived from the Middle High German word ‘schöpfer’, meaning ‘maker’. This surname is commonly found in northwestern Germany and the Netherlands, as well as in Austria, Switzerland, and the United States.

Some variants of the surname Schöpper include: Schoepfer, Schoepffer, Schoepfer, Schoepffer, Schopper, Schoepper, Schopper, Schoppen, Schopperle, Schoppler, Schöpf, Schöpper, Schoep, Schoepe, Schoepper, Schoeppler, Schoepen, Schoeplein, Schoepferin, and Schöpflin.

There are also different spellings for the surname Schöpper, as well as its variants, such as: Schöper, Schuyper, Schepper, Schipper, Schopper, Schöpfer, Schoppen, Schoepfen, Schoppler, Scheppen, Schöpplein, and Schöpfel.

Surnames with similar etymologies that are derived from 'schöpfer' are also related to the Schöpper surname and include Schoepf, Schöpff, Schoeppel, Schoepfel, Schöpplin, Schöpflein, Schöpfler, Schöpperle, and Schöpplin.

Furthermore, the surname Schöpper may also be found in various other languages, such as: Schoepfer (Dutch); Scopper (Italian); Schöpper (Luxemburgish); Schoepfer (French); Schepper (Flemish); Šoepfer (Czech); Schöffer (Romanian); Schöpf (Hungarian); and Schöpfli (Swiss-German).

Famous people with the name Schöpper

  • Norbert Schöpper: German Roman Catholic bishop
  • Rüdiger Schöpper: German fencer who won a bronze medal in the team foil event at the 1984 Summer Olympics
  • Melisa Schöpper: former member of German musical group Fiva & das Phantom Orchester
  • Gudrun Schöpper: German voice actress
  • Karl-Heinz Schöpper: former German footballer
  • Volker Schöpper: German organist and choir director
  • Mia Schöpper: Austrian actress
  • Rosemarie Schöpper: German textile artist
  • Trude Schöpper: German photography teacher
  • Andrea Schöpper: German voice actress
  • Christof Schöpper: Germanologist, professor, and author
  • Bernd Schöpper: German footballer
  • Brit Schöpper: former German tennis player
  • Daniel Schöpper: German jazz trumpeter
  • Christiane Schöpper: German journalist
  • Kevin Schöpper: German composer and arranger
  • Thomas Schöpper: German playwright and author
  • Charlotte Schöpper: German poet and author
  • Tim Schöpper: German professional cyclist
  • Monika Schöpper: German discus thrower and shot putter

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