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Surname Schöppert - Meaning and Origin

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Schöppert: What does the surname Schöppert mean?

The last name Schöppert is of German origin. It is most likely a topographical name, meaning someone who lived near a steep slope, derived from the Middle High German word “schopf” which means “steep cliff” or “precipice”. This type of name was often given to families who lived close to a steep slope or a steep mountain.

It is believed that the name is associated with a particular area or location in Germany, and can also be found in various spellings such as Schoepfer, Schoepfert, and Schoepfertz. The spelling with a ‘ö’ is very rare and is generally used by the descendants of those who immigrated to Europe from other countries.

The meaning of the name may have changed over time due to emigration and the influx of new languages and cultures. Some of its modern-day meanings include “protector”, “guard”, “shepherd”, or even “defender”.

The name Schöppert is still common today throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. There are also many families who have the last name Schöppert in the United States, due to the large numbers of German immigrants who settled in the country during the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Schöppert family is proud of its ancient floral and heraldic symbols, and those of members who have served in the military. The family crest typically includes a shield with a black and gold chevron, symbolizing protection, and three ears of wheat, symbolizing fertility and productivity.

Overall, the last name Schöppert can be traced back to a topographical origin meaning someone who lived near a steep slope, and now also has modern-day meanings such as “protector”, “guard”, “shepherd”, or even “defender”. The name is still very common today, and its coat of arms includes a shield with a black and gold chevron and three ears of wheat.

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Schöppert: Where does the name Schöppert come from?

The last name Schöppert is found mostly in Germany today, but is not exclusively German in origin. It is also found in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland, and Hungary. The Schöppert surname is thought to have emerged from the pre 7th century German word ‘schop’ with the original bearer being someone who used a scythe or sickle as a tool, or perhaps in the process of harvesting crops.

Families with the surname Schöppert are primarily concentrated in the southern German states of Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg, as well as select areas of North Rhineland-Westphalia. The name can also be found in small numbers in France, Belgium, the United States, Scotland, and Argentina. Though it is often with slight variations in spelling, such as Shoppert, Schoppert, Shopper, and Schopp.

Overall the Schöppert surname is not especially popular in Germany or any other part of the world today. This is likely due to the large numbers of people with the more traditionally German last names, as well as the heavy emigration to other parts of the world during the 19th and 20th centuries. Today it is estimated that there are around 4,000 people in Germany whose last name is Schöppert.

Variations of the surname Schöppert

Schöppert is an old German surname, often found with origins in medieval Bavaria. Variants, spellings, and related surnames derived from Schöppert include Schoepfer, Schoepffer, Schopper, Schoeppert, Schoeppner, Schoepner, and Schoppert. In many cases, the German ß alphabetical character is substituted for either an ss or a p; however, in the United States, Schoppert is often the common spelling.

The literal meaning of the Schöppert surname is "to scoop out," and was most likely a reference to the occupation of its original bearers, who could have been either fisherman or millers. This is a surname believed to have been in use in Germany since at least the 13th century, particularly in south-western Germany. It is a common occupational name indicating someone who shovels out grain from a mill, someone involved in the business of grain milling, as well as being used in connection with the occupation of fisherman. In many cases, it is likely that the name was used in the context of a “by-name,” as opportunity arose or as a way of distinguishing between various members of a family.

The original Schöppert families have spread far beyond their German roots, and you will now find the name in other countries including Canada, the United States, and elsewhere around the world. It is likely the name has undergone spelling changes along the way, and further variants exist in other countries.

Famous people with the name Schöppert

  • Carmen Schöppert: born in Germany, she is an a capella singer and member of the group The Real Group.
  • Marco Schöppert: German actor best known for his roles in TV series such as Unter Uns and Alarm für Cobra 11.
  • Stephan Schöppert: German businessman and former CEO of the financial services firm Easycare.
  • Gerd Schöppert: former police officer and politician from Germany, who was a member of the Social Democratic Party.
  • Ricarda Schöppert: a german tax adviser working independently in the banking sector
  • Wilfried Schöppert: German cardiologist with a PhD in medical sciences
  • Helmut Schöppert: German historian from the University of Bonn
  • Martin Schöppert: former German football player
  • Frank Schöppert: German business development consultant
  • Ludwig Schöppert: German artist best known for his pieces in bronze, marble, and wood.

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