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Surname Schöpperl - Meaning and Origin

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Schöpperl: What does the surname Schöpperl mean?

The last name Schöpperl is thought to have originated from the Middle High German term "schopferlich", meaning "clever" or "skilled". This suggests that the original bearer of the name likely had a reputation for being intelligent and competent.

The term may also be related to the German words "scheppen" (to create) and "schopfen" (to scoop or shovel). These terms could have come to be associated with someone who crafts or shapes tools and objects, such as a blacksmith or potter.

The oldest known bearer of the Schöpperl surname is Zoeglin Schöpperin, who lived in Ravensburg, Germany in 1349.

The name is also common in Bavaria. In some cases, it may derive from the German word "schöpfen," meaning "to acquire wealth." This could mean that those bearing the Schöpperl surname had a talent for making and accumulating money.

The Schöpperl name can also be found in Austria. It is thought that a branch of the family originated there in the 18th century, when people would travel for economic and religious opportunities.

In summary, the last name Schöpperl may originate from Middle High German words meaning "capable" or "skilled", referring to the original bearer's talent for creating and crafting. It may also derive from the German words referring to the accumulation of wealth, suggesting that the original bearer had a business acumen. Finally, the name can be traced to Austria in the 18th century, pointing to a possible migration of the family for economic and religious reasons.

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Schöpperl: Where does the name Schöpperl come from?

The last name Schöpperl is most commonly found in Germany today, particularly in regions like Bavaria, Saxony, and Silesia. In particular, it is one of the most common names in the areas of Berlin and Brandenburg.

Schöpperl is a relatively old name; records of the surname date back to the 14th century in Central Europe. It is believed to have derived from an old German word meaning "shepherd." The name was most likely adopted by people of peasant or village backgrounds.

Today, the name is still quite common in Germany, with around 4,000 people bearing the name Schöpperl. Members of the Schöpperl family can be found in many German cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, and Nuremburg.

Outside of Germany, the Schöpperl name is not quite as common, but there are still a fair number of people carrying the name spread across the globe. Small numbers of Schöpperl can be found in Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic, as well as in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

In general, the name Schöpperl carries connotations of German ancestry, although not necessarily of royal or noble backgrounds. It has come to be a fairly typical surname in German-speaking countries, often heard in everyday conversations.

Variations of the surname Schöpperl

The surname Schöpperl is derived from the German word ‘Schöppen’ meaning ‘cup, spoon or measure.’ Variations in spelling of this surname include Schapperl, Schoepferl, Schoepfel, Shappel, Shoepferl and Schapfel. Published variants have been found in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and other German-speaking countries.

In Austria and Germany, the surname is most commonly found as Schöpperl. In Switzerland, it is mostly spelled Schapperl. Some members of the family spell the name Schoppel/Schoppel, depending on the region.

The name is also sometimes shortened to Schröp. Variants that have been found in the records include Schöpfel, Schappel, Schoepferl, Schoepfel, Shoppel, Shoepferl and Schapfel.

The surname is believed to have originated from the Middle High German 'schoppen', which was taken from the Proto Germanic 'skepjan'.

There are also several other surnames that are derived from the same root, including Schöpp, Schöppner, Schöpper, Schöpperlein, Schöpt, Schupp and Schuppert.

A variant of the name is also found in Swedish, spelled Schöppel. In Norway, this surname is spelled Schöppel.

Variations in the spelling of the name can be found in other countries, such as the Czech Republic and Poland, where the surname is spelled 'Schöppel' and 'Skopel', respectively. In Hungary, the name is spelled 'Schoppel'.

Overall, the surname Schöpperl is derived from the Middle High German ‘schoppen’, and has been recorded in multiple variants all across Europe.

Famous people with the name Schöpperl

  • Jennifer Schöpperl: German singer, songwriter, and television personality.
  • Ron Schöpperl: German footballer and manager.
  • Peter Schöpperl: Austrian cyclist.
  • Marcel Schöpperl: German footballer.
  • Sandra Schöpperl: Austrian tennis player.
  • Robert Schöpperl: Austrian bobsledder.
  • Armin Schöpperl: German skeleton racer.
  • Samuel Schöpperl: German footballer.
  • Gerd Schöpperl: German politician.
  • Frederic Schöpperl: German writer.
  • Hans Adam Schöpperl: Austrian piano player.
  • Marcus Schöpperl: Austrian bobsledder.
  • Kristin Schöpperl: German model.
  • Freidrich Schöpperl: German entrepreneur.
  • Sarah Schöpperl: German tourist agent.
  • Judith Schöpperl: Austrian classical pianist.
  • Amadeus Schöpperl: Austrian politician.
  • Theresa Schöpperl: German singer and songwriter.
  • Marion Schöpperl: German composer.
  • Helmut Schöpperl: Austrian astronaut.

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