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Surname Schoppen - Meaning and Origin

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Schoppen: What does the surname Schoppen mean?

The last name Schoppen is a common German name that has its roots in the Middle Ages. It can be traced to the old German word "schoppen," which means "to purchase, to buy, to broker." This suggests that people who bore this name were involved in some form of commerce in their earlier days of settling in the region now known as Germany.

The name has its roots in northern regions of Germany from the 12th to 14th centuries and likely began as a profession-based name, but later became divided by region or location. From that point, the name evolved over the centuries into versions such as Schoppener, Schoppenmacher and Schoppener-smith.

Schoppen is also a type of trade lingo still used by German merchants today. It's believed that many individuals with the last name Schoppen are from a long line of people involved in commerce and business.

Tracing the origins of the last name Schoppen, we can see that it is derived from the Middle Ages and was used as a name by people involved in some form of commerce. Today, the name is linked to a type of trade lingo common among merchants in Germany, suggesting that many people with this last name may have descended from centuries of entrepreneurs and traders with a set of distinct skills for dealing and trading goods.

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Schoppen: Where does the name Schoppen come from?

The name Schoppen is mainly found in Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria. It is the spelling of the German language. The surname is most common in the northern part of Germany, but its prevalence has been decreasing over time. In 2019, the name only accounted for 0.000141% of all surnames in Germany. The name Schoppen is also found in the Netherlands, where it is quite rare. The last name is thought to have originated in Austria and moved into northern Germany in the Middle Ages. The name Schoppen is found in the counties close to the border between modern-day Germany and the Netherlands, likely due to the influx of Dutch settlers within the region. Today, the last name is primarily found in Germany and the Netherlands, with rarer occurrences in Austria, the Czech Republic, and the United States.

Variations of the surname Schoppen

Schoppen is a surname of German origin. Variants of this name include Schoppmann, Schoppenhoefer, Schoppenhauser, and Schoepen. Spellings of Schoppen that are used by people of different countries and cultures include Schopan, Schoopen, Schopen, Schopp, Schop, and Schoppe. Some of its other surnames of similar origin are Schoppel, Schopple, Schoppener, and Schoppenhauer.

Schoppmann is a variation of Schoppen that is mainly used in Germany, and is derived from the Low German language. In Germany it is also pronounced as “Scoopman”. Schoppenhoefer is the variation of Schoppen that is predominantly used in the US. This variant came into being after many German immigrants's surnames were Anglicized in the 18th and 19th centuries. The variant Schoppenhauser is widely used in Austria and is derived from the German word “Haus”, which means house. Similarly, the variation Schoepen is primarily used in Dutch-speaking countries.

The spelling Schopan is mostly used in the Czech Republic, and Schopen, Schop, and Schoppe are commonly used in Scandinavian countries. Other variants of Schoppen such as Schoppel, Schopple, Schoppener, and Schoppenhauer, which are derived from the German language, are used widely in Germany and Austria. All of these variations of the surname Schoppen share the same root and origin and can be traced back to the original Schoppen surname.

Famous people with the name Schoppen

  • Ruben Schoppen: A Dutch professional beach volleyball player, who currently competes in the CEV European Championship and on the FIVB World Tour.
  • Marit Schoppen: A Belgian model and fashion blogger.
  • Anne Schoppen: A German-born biologist and medical doctor, currently working as a professor of medicine at University Medical Center in the Netherlands.
  • Ed Schoppen: An Dutch American businessman and entrepreneur, founder and Chairman of the Board of VEON.
  • Jerom Schoppen: A Dutch-Belgian chess Grandmaster, four-time Dutch chess champion and bronze medalist in the 2011 World Chess Championship.
  • Rein Schoppen: A Dutch TV and radio presenter, known for his popular shows Schoppen Straks and Zo Is Het.
  • Jan Schoppen: A Dutch photographer and artist who has won several awards for his work.
  • Tom Schoppen: A Dutch physiotherapist and coach, and co-founder of
  • Elisa Schoppen: Former president of the Dutch Judo Association, and the first female Dutch judoka to win an Olympic medal in the sport.
  • Elise Schoppen: A Belgian singer and musician, best known for her solo project “Shadowlights”.

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