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Surname Waldt - Meaning and Origin

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Waldt: What does the surname Waldt mean?

The surname Waldt originates from Germany and is derived from the Old High German word "wala", meaning “forest”. It is likely that this surname referred to a person who lived near or within a forest, or was even involved in forestry or the timber trade.

The surnames Wald and Waldt have been found linked to many places in Germany and other parts of Europe, including the Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium, indicating that the surname has a long history.

It has been suggested that Waldt is derived from a German nobility, with the title “von Waldt” being used in some areas in the past. This lineage rose to prominence in the 16th century as a result of links to wealthy merchant families. Today, Waldt is still used as a surname in some parts of Germany, indicating that the name has survived the passing of time.

The Waldt name is also associated with many different types of professions. For example, some individuals with Waldt as a surname may have been involved in the production of wooden products such as furniture, wagons and boats. Additionally, it is possible that Waldt referred to a forest dwelling family, implying a connection to the woods or hunting, as was common in medieval German culture.

All in all, the Waldt surname has a strong German heritage and is associated with a range of professions and areas of expertise, all of which have been passed down through generations.

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Waldt: Where does the name Waldt come from?

The last name Waldt is primarily associated with Germany and is of German origin. Waldt is considered an occupational surname, meaning that the name refers to someone who practiced a particular trade or profession before the emergence of family surnames.

In modern times, the last name Waldt is most commonly found in Germany. Based on the German government’s census data from 2019, approximately 586 people have the last name Waldt. This data places the last name Waldt in at the bottom of the list of the top 100 most common surnames in all of Germany.

Although the last name Waldt is not particularly common within Germany, it can still be found in other countries around the world. Based on records from, there are over 1000 people throughout the United States and Canada with the last name Waldt. People with this surname can also be found in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, and South Africa.

In conclusion, the last name Waldt is most common in Germany but can still be found in other countries around the world, such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, and South Africa.

Variations of the surname Waldt

The surname Waldt is derived from the German word Wald meaning “forest” and has several spelling variants, all of which are ultimately derived from the same root word. Variations of the main surname Waldt include Walte, Walther, Waldner, Waldemar, Walderman, Waldmann and Weltmann.

The first known spelling variant of the Waldt surname is Walte. This spelling variant is primarily found in early German records from the 1500s and 1600s. It is believed to have been derived from the earlier Germanic surname Walter or Walther. It is likely that these two spellings were interchangeable during this early period and had the same meaning of “forest dweller”.

The next major variant of Waldt is Waldner. This variation was developed later, likely in the 1700s. It is thought to have been created to help distinguish different family lines from each other. The meaning of Waldner is similar to Waldt, but the “er” at the end reflects a tighter familial connection and indicates a shared ancestry.

The Waldemar variant is also found in Germany and Central Europe. This spelling often refers to someone with a Nordic or Germanic heritage and stems from the phrase “wald mar” which translates to “forest man”. Similarly, the surnames Waldman, Waldmann, and Weltman are also derived from the same root word and indicate a forest dwelling ancestor.

In conclusion, there are many variations, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Waldt. From Walte to Walderman, Waldmann and Weltmann, all of these spelling variants stem from the same root word meaning “forest” and indicate a shared ancestry.

Famous people with the name Waldt

  • Hanefa Waldt, German Olympic field hockey player
  • Jo Waldt, German-American model
  • Bernd Waldt, German sprint canoeist
  • Brigitte Waldt, German writer and author
  • Heinrich Waldt, German painter
  • Nicolas Waldt, French rower
  • Viktor Waldt, Swedish tennis player
  • Fritsch Waldt, German Dutch merchant
  • Jürgen Waldt, German professor
  • Eric Waldt, German footballer

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